Gila Kurtz, has been training dogs professionally for over 18 years and is a leading expert on puppy development, training, and problem solving. She has helped thousands of families and individuals survive and thrive as they navigate the journey through “puppyhood”and beyond. A professional educator, Gila makes learning fun, easy to implement, and empowers people to get immediate results. She is the Co-founder of the national brand, Dog is Good and the best selling author of Fur Covered Wisdom.

We began training with Gila when our two Goldendoodles were 2 months old and we can’t say enough about her. Gila’s approach to training puppies is one out of love and nurturing. She will always set your puppy up for success and when they need a break, she is more than willing to let them be puppies for a minute. Not only has she trained our dogs perfectly; my husband and I have learned so much as well! Her training sessions are entertaining and extremely informative. Gila is the best of the best!


We would be bringing home a 10-week old Labradoodle Pup in just a few short weeks and after reading a “puppy training” book, realized we were far from being prepared. Gila came to our house BEFORE we brought our puppy home and talked with our family of 5 about “expectations”. Setting realistic expectations even before we had our pup was tremendously helpful for our 3 children! Gila is a dog whisperer! She is warm and loving yet assertive and commanding in her training. She worked with us to teach Lucy basic commands like sit, stay, fetch, and how to walk around the block without going crazy, barking and meal time etiquette. Lucy became a champ at these! She also kept me focused, as the main person training our dog, on the importance of staying consistent and patient. Gila stood by my side every step of the way, she was a Dogsend! Enjoy your new pup, hire Gila!


Prep For Puppy Class:

Proof of Vaccinations required.
Please bring to the first class.
Arrive 10 minutes prior to class time.
Carry the puppy to and from class.
Bring the following to class each week:  Mat/no skid rug, soft treats & kibble,  leash

Gila Kurtz  •  [email protected]  •  562.243.5118