Hello, My name is Laurie and I am 50 years young! I have never had children or a dog, never had time or desire. Until lately…my partner thought it was time for a dog, of which I replied No. He brought this little man home and it changed my life! Literally! I now have a cockapoo named Wrigley and he is 21/2 years old. I have learned and loved so much with him in such a short time. I never had the chance to nurture until now and it is wonderful! I take Wrigley everywhere I can with me. He has become my best & loyal buddy! He loves to fetch, swim, hike, camp and even paddle board with me! I never imagined that I could have a relationship and communicate so well with a dog. I am now even a dog-walker, walking several dogs throughout my days and loving every minute of it!
I believe that everyone should experience a dog at least once in their life…they are amazing animals! If that’s not Dogvergnugen I don’t know what is!
Proud dog Mom,