IMG_5036-e1435270188139-225x300Jon and I have been “working like dogs”.  For people who know us, this comes as no surprise.  Early to bed…early to rise has always been our “modis operandi”, but lately, the “early to bed” part has not been happening.  We are becoming masters at fitting more into one day than most people fit into 2, which- given that I am desperately trying to heed the “doggir inspiration”- Make Time For Play- is not something I share with great pride.  Recently, a friend of mine called mid-morning to say hello and sarcastically asked if, in addition to reading, exercise, and launching my work day, I had already painted the interior of my home as well.  “Hey, my personal over scheduling is not that “ridonculous”!  Well….maybe it is, just a little”

IMG_0121-242x300Sitting outside working on a project due in the next few weeks, I stopped for a moment to look up from my computer to discover Henry basking in the sun.  Even though a perfectly clean brick patio and a dog bed were available for his afternoon snooze, he opted to plop down in the dusty, dirt filled empty flower bed in our back yard. I watched him for a few minutes, a little jealous actually.

After a whirlwind month  involving trade shows and moving our child into her college apartment, I wanted to be napping in the sunshine too.  I suddenly realized the paradox in  the phrase, “work like a dog”.  Yea,  I wish I could work like my dogs.  Their job seems to consist of only three things: eat, sleep, play then repeat.  That would be an awesome job!  My dogs both excel at their job, in fact they compete for “employee of the month”.  In observing their “work ethic” I suddenly questioned where the phrase “work like a dog” originated.  Clearly the application of this dog idiom to define my crazy daily routine did not align exactly with what I was observing in my own dogs.

IMG_55631-e1439057937264-225x300When I began to research the origin of this popular phrase, you can imagine my dismay when I discovered there is actually a National “Work like a Dog” Day,  Who knew?!!  This day is set aside with the intent to encourage employers to recognize and call out people in the workplace who go above and beyond expectations.  Ok, that’s easy enough- I can celebrate my entire team.  Everyone at Dog is Good works their “tails off” every single day and I am eternally grateful for their commitment and support!  The term was coined because many dogs were “on the clock” 24/7, hence working all the time and focused on the task at hand.

IMG_5862-e1439057670748-225x300Since we are supposed to be recognizing our employees,  I started to think about what kind of dog each one of them represents.  Sometimes, I just simply have to amuse myself. We all have moments like that, right?!  As I thought about each individual team member of Dog is Good, certain breeds immediately came to mind.

Jon:  Bull Mastiff.  Strong, great endurance and alertness, gentle, calm, quiet, fearless, devoted companion- not easily roused but defends when necessary.

Gila (Labrador), Outgoing, Even Tempered, Gentle, Agile, Kind, Intelligent

Gayle (Jack Russell Terrier), Vocal, Energetic, Stubborn, Fearless, Intelligent

Christy (ST. Bernard), Lively, Watchful, Gentle, Friendly, Calm

Beke (Brittany Spaniel), adaptable, sweet, loyal, intelligent

Steve (Golden Retriever) Reliable, Friendly, Kind, Confident, Trustworthy, Intelligent

Katie (Boxer), playful, devoted, loyal, bright, energetic, friendly

Donata (French Bulldog) clown in a lapdog, enjoys playing and entertaining, amiable, sweet

Nick ( Pug) , Charming, Playful, Docile, Clever, Quiet, Attentive, Sociable

Xaviar ( Collie), Protective, Gentle, Loyal, Friendly, Active, Intelligent

Robin (Shi Tzu), Outgoing, Playful, Alert, Gentle, Loyal

Christine (Beagle), Even Tempered, Gentle, Amiable, Determined, Intelligent

Lindsey ( Chihuahua ),Lively, Devoted, Alert, Quick, Courageous

We have a great PACK here at Dog is Good!