We “pay” for the weather here in Southern California. It is expensive but, I must admit, it is worth it. Huntington Beach is one of our favorite hangouts. When you have dogs, a visit to Huntington Beach’s dog beach is a must-do activity. One of the best remedies for stress relief is watching a dog play in the waves, burn off steam racing in the sand, and seeing their joy in hours of play fetching balls or frisbees. Local businesses understand the value of spending quality time with your dog. The various retail, restaurant, and hotel establishments truly understand the dog-lifestyle, making Huntington Beach an incredibly dog-friendly city.

With a reputation for fun and surf, many people find their way to the shores of Huntington Beach. A number of hotels know that people want to bring their pets along and many provide special packages to include K9 travelers. One such hotel, located just down from bustling main street, is the beautiful Waterfront Beach Resort- A Hilton Hotel.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 3.14.14 PMPet travelers can enjoy the luxurious guest rooms with their loveable dogs and take advantage of a variety of amenities offered in their pet-friendly program, “Wag it at the Waterfront”. Guests will find pet beds, feeding bowls, custom selected treats, and Eco-friendly biodegradable waste bags. Pet sitting and pet room service menus are also available. Plus, you are a walk away from one of the best dog beaches around.

We have a personal affinity for this wonderful place. Overlooking the oceanfront, this exquisite resort hotel served as our “conference room” when first launching Dog is Good. We spent hours in a cabana by the pool involved in product development, goal setting and strategic planning. The dog-friendly venue provided the perfect environment for inspiration.

When we brought BOLO into our lives, we thought the hotel would be a perfect venue for our first fundraising event to raise money for Leader Dogs for the Blind. It was not surprising at all that the management and marketing team- all huge dog lovers, fell in love with BOLO. The staff quickly offered to become a sponsor for a “Puppy Shower”- A benefit for Leader Dogs for the Blind and BOLO’s first public debut.

BOLO had the opportunity to check out the facilities and gave “2 paws up” to the comfort, style, and views from the room. When you offer exquisite surroundings, incredibly friendly and professional staff, wonderful amenities, the perfect setting overlooking the Pacific Ocean, AND allow people to bring their dogs along with them during their stay- you become a destination location. We encourage everyone to visit southern California and spend time here, enjoying everything at the Waterfront Beach Resort- A Hilton Hotel. They won’t disappoint you or Fido.

Come join us at the Waterfront Beach Resort on Sunday, October 27th from 2pm-4pm and meet BOLO – a puppy that will change how you see the world. While you’re here, check out the Surf Hero Store and eat at their fabulous restaurant.

Invitation: https://dogisgood.webconnex.com/bolopuppyshower

(**Please Note: This photo shoot was done to promote how beautiful Hilton Hotel is, a sponsor for Leader Dogs for the Blind. Leader Dogs are not normally allowed on furniture.)