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Why Carry Dog is Good?

  • Our award-winning products evoke an emotional response, create excitement, and have mass appeal
  • We are Easy To Do Business With (ETDBW)
  • We offer easy online wholesale ordering, low order minimums and quick turn around.
  • We provide exceptional customer service and friendly communication. Count on us to actually respond promptly!
  • We have a large and growing fan base asking specifically for D.I.G. products at retailers.
  • We continually develop new concepts and product mixes.

What People Are Saying

All of you guys are great and have a terrific response time to emails. Believe me I have dealt with companies that take three days to respond. This is like a breath of fresh air. I will definitely recommend your site and products even more than I already do. (I actually carry some of your dog line products in my store) Thanks again.

J. Lloyd

I just received my “Dog is Good” order, and I just had to write and say thanks! The quality of the t-shirt is great, and it fits very well. And I was very excited to get the sticker, since the Dog is Good logo is so cute. It captures EXACTLY how I feel about my dog, Holly. (We rescued her from, and ours really is a classic case of “who rescued whom?”.) I was also impressed with how promptly and efficiently your company filled my order. So I wanted to say thank you and let you know that I will certainly order from you again in the future.

Laura M.

Just wanted to say thank you for the magnets and stickers. I can’t tell you how great that was. We are a 40 year old independent pet store that just needs a fair shot at selling things. We offer the service, experience and knowledge to compete with anyone. Your gracious gesture lets me know that you get it. Thanks so much.

Greg G.

Just ordered the “big Mutts” bag on your special yesterday and already received it today! Since I know you like feedback, I wanted you to know that the bag is different from the picture—– it’s much better!!! I love it, thanks for the deal, you guys rock and my car wears your sticker proudly. (I may have to buy more bags) 🙂 See you at some other dog fair or online, happy howlidays, dog bliss you.


I want you to know how much I like your products. I just found out that a pet shop up here in Idyllwild carries your products, so I bought a mug and t-shirt from them (Mountain Paws). Everything is of great quality and expresses exactly how we feel about our doggies!


We love working with Dog Is Good! They have great designs, and are willing to work with us on design ideas and specialty product runs. Their products are very popular with our customers, and we couldn’t be happier with the relationship.


Giving great customer service is on thing, how a company handles a problem is another. I really appreciate the way that you handled the situation. I hope that I did not come off as a “Miss Cranky Pants” We started this store after my dog was diagnosed with cancer and was give 4-6 weeks to live. That was almost 2 years ago! There is no explanation as to why he is here with us today, other than he gets to go to work everyday and he knows that it is his store, and he knows that he is doing something good! Our little store hardly could sustained itself until we brought in your product line. It has been by FAR our best selling product. Thank you very much, I really appreciate the awesome service! So all is Good!

Megan P.

My experience with Dog is Good over the past several years has been nothing shy of exceptional. Truly an exemplary business and team built on innovation, passion, and dedication. Their masterly guiding principles in customer relations, social responsibility, and philanthropic work are why DIG is my number one choice in pet lifestyle brands.

Jamie I.





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 In 2007, Jon and Gila Kurtz realized the pet and retail industries were lacking products that catered to humans. So, they set out to create apparel and accessories for the dog lover—a hobby that eventually turned into a company, Dog Is Good, and set out to encompass the pure joy we feel when our dog welcomes us home.