By Gila Kurtz


This past year, some of my closest friends lost their beloved dogs.  It is painful to watch others go through this heart wrenching experience, as I know and understand the deep grief that comes along with the inevitable. When our dogs eventually arrive at the edge of Rainbow Bridge, it shatters our world.  Our dogs are extraordinary and an extraordinary dog is never forgotten. These creatures we refer to as “our babies”, “our sweet boy or girl”, etc…are unforgettable simply because they have been everything we needed them to be. They are our loyal companions, our comic relief, our therapist, our personal trainer, and our adventure buddy.  They have touched our souls simply by being who they are.


I often wonder how different our experiences in this world would be if we showed up in ways that made us unforgettable.  Imagine the shift in connection with family members if we behaved in ways that kept us in their thoughts. Adding those fine touches to the the interactions we have such as a caring note written and placed in a lunch or left on the kitchen counter for them to discover,greeting them at the door with a smile and hug when they return home in the evening, or creating unique traditions that are etched permanently into their memories.


I’ve often told my daughter, become indispensable at your work. Bring an energy that elevates everyone around you.  Find ways to improve upon processes and add value to the organization. Never engage in gossip or conversation that tears others down and always maintain a positive vibe.


We are connected 24/7 to information and to each other, and yet many of us find ourselves incredibly disconnected from real human conversation and physical touch.  It is partly why the relationship we have with our dogs is so strong and incredibly important. With so much competing for our attention, how can we be the kind of person that makes people stop and take notice? What can we do to make ourselves impossible to forget?   Becoming unforgettable is a state of being that creates amazing experiences for others in your life. You know the feeling you get whenever you are around your dog? Well, it’s possible create this same unique feeling in the people around you.


When you stop to take notice of and engage in conversation with the people at your work or who live in your community, you learn about who they are below surface level.  In the general course of daily living, you may come across things that would be of interest to these individuals. Take a moment to share a tip, an article, a book, make a connection to someone they would enjoy meeting, or  deliver a small gift they would find fascinating. Your thoughtful gesture will show you listened to them and value their interests.


At networking events or parties, there are always those individuals who really stand out.  Whether you spoke to them personally or not, they somehow seem to be the people you remember most.  Maybe, it was a compelling story they told and the artful delivery in which they shared it or a unique signature piece that highlights their outfit. These people are magnetic and leave others wanting more.


Leaders have the opportunity to leave a lasting impact as well. They can empower others at every turn by creating environments to foster growth, encourage team members to shine through personal ideas and innovation, provide opportunity to learn and progress to unimaginable levels personally and professionally.   These types of leaders are never forgotten, often remembered as a pivotal person in someone’s life.


If you own a business, how can you make your company unforgettable? In a time when everyone is competing for customers,offering up exceptional customer care is not an option.  At Dog is Good, serving our customers is our greatest value. I find it incomprehensible sometimes when I learn how surprised people are that we actually call them back. Our customer service team, led by the most incredible customer concierge, makes everyone feel acknowledged and heard. In numerous instances, she adds a special and unexpected touch to resolving customer needs.  The amount of feedback we receive in the form of emails, beautifully articulate their positive experience and the fact they will remain customers for life.


Dogs teach us so many things, but showing up in ways that truly have impact in the world around us is a one of the more powerful lessons.  As you look at your sweet dog today, think through all the ways they touch your life on a daily basis. Decide for yourself one thing you can focus on in your relationships at home, with friends, with co-workers and even interactions with strangers that will make you simply unforgettable.