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In just 2 minutes you can start teaching your dog the “drop it” command. This potentially life-saving command will teach your dog to ignore an object (whether a harmful one or  your slippers!) It also allows you and your dog to play games like tug-of-war safely together.

Our friends over at Cammies and Canines have created this simple training video to get you and your dog started. Watch as dog-training and canine educational expert, Nate Schoemer, demonstrates the first step!  It only takes a few minutes to teach, but be patient and repeat if your dog gets distracted.

Did you have a successful training session after watching this video? Share your canine’s success with us by commenting in the Dog is Good Lifestyle Group on Facebook here.

Want to watch more training videos with Nate Schoemer? Visit the Cammies and Canines Facebook page to see a new training video each week!