Telling your dog to “come” might fall upon stubborn ears when they are in a fun area they don’t want to leave such as a dog park. It is understandable that if your dog can’t stop eyeing your dinner day-after-day that they will be overexcited and hyper around other dogs. Here are some ways to teach your dog to listen to you better.

Switching up the language you use from “come” to “here” can help you gauge if your dog will respond differently. You can also make it a positive experience for them by using treats or games. Although, despite your efforts, sometimes your stubborn dog will just not listen to you.

When your dog gets like this, let them be for a while. Once they’ve settled down a bit, call them over and give them a reward for listening. Telling them to come “here” will help your dog understand that this doesn’t mean they have to leave the dog park and if they listen, they can have more free time.

Some dogs might struggle with commands such as sitting and lying down. Clarity is key in making your dog understand what you’re asking of them. Through the use of performance games you can reward your dog when they respond correctly.

It is important to train your dog to understand basic commands and differentiating what you are asking for. This allows them to be more focused in situations and enjoy more time at the dog park. The Toronto Star delves more into depth in their article on how to teach your dog to come at the dog park, so make sure to check it out.