If you’re a dog lover, moving to a new city can be tough and often stressful. Especially, when it comes to finding dog-friendly landlords or making sure there are wide-open spaces for your fur baby to play. Finding new restaurants, dog parks, and hikes that allow dogs has never been easier! We have compiled a list of the top 10 cities that fit your canine standards.

This is our top 10 compiled list:

1) Austin, TX

Take the consistently warm weather, add great music, legendary BBQ, a city where everyone seems to own a dog, and consider numerous dog cafes, washing facilities, plus tech companies that allow you to take your dog to work, and the number one ranking isn’t hard to bestow. Be careful about large furry breeds, however, because the summer heat can be intense.

Dog and man sitting on bench

2.) San Francisco, CA

Great views, and always on the go! San Francisco makes our list for its walkability and close proximity to nearby restaurants and parks. There are just so many doggy/owner dining options available—over 170 at last count. Don’t forget to visit The Golden Gate Bridge, post the photo, and tag us on Instagram!  Only downfall of this Golden City is the price of housing and constant fog.

3.) Denver, CO

This is winter sport heaven, and your Newfoundland will love Colorado. While it can snow even in late spring, a 70-degree day can quickly follow. Dog parks are the main reason we listed Denver at number three as there are numerous parks that have fenced off ‘no leash areas’ designated for both hyper and mellow pets. Also, Denver is a very affordable and a growing city, which means the rent prices won’t eat up your entire budget!

4.) Las Vegas, NV

Who would have thought, right? Vegas has the fifth most dog parks of any U.S. city, and lots of wide-open spaces nearby. It’s upscale enough to have many dog eateries and facilities, and the desert-like weather is a big draw. You won’t find any yellow snow here!

5.) Cincinnati, OH

Over 600 places to get quality pet care? Now, that’s a dog-friendly city. Add a nice four-season weather pattern and the famous French Park with lots of walking choices, and Cincinnati is definitely a winner.

6.) Chicago, IL

Chicago has a nasty reputation for tough winters, but unlike its northern cousin, Milwaukee, Spring usually appears in April. Great walkability with numerous restaurants and pet-hospitable shops make the Windy City a top U.S. dog-friendly city. And don’t forget the Cubs!

dog-friendly hike

7.) Albuquerque, NM

Dry, pretty, and loaded with dog parks makes this southwest location a prime spot. The Santa Fe Village Park is particularly nice.

8.) Minneapolis, MN

Yes, Winters are a challenge, but downtown Minneapolis has a series of walkways so that you can go from building to building without ever venturing outdoors. Housing prices are below the national average, and for a visit try famous Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge—a satisfying place for both you and your pet.dog-friendly car ride

9.) San Diego, CA

Number one for dog friendly restaurants, plus seven—yes seven—pet-friendly shopping zones and a decent number of dog parks puts this beautifully warm California city on the top ten list. So if you’re going for lunch or looking for some retail therapy, odds are you can bring your furry friend with you!

10.) Tucson, AZ

Home of the University of Arizona, this community boasts over 40 dog-friendly restaurants, only 23 days of rain per year, lots of palm trees, and a nice number of dog parks. The rugged and beautiful terrain is great for hiking—as long as you are prepared with plenty of water! Keep your pup hydrated with this Dog is Good water bottle!

Hopefully this list gives you a better idea of where to settle down with your furry companion. Check out our other blog giving you 7 tips for driving cross-country with your dog! Never travel alone and always travel in style with our 2 in 1 Traveler Carrier you can check out here!


Written by Sam Radbil