Rooney in the 'meet' room at the SPCLA

Rooney in the ‘meet’ room at the SPCLA

Yup… for me everyday is cat day. In a couple of weeks it will be one year since adopting my Rooney. I had just lost my little love of 14 years, Ferris, and a co-worker directed me and my broken heart to SPCLA. There he was… cuteness personified… love… Rooney Lucas Romero.

Henry licking Rooney

Henry licking Rooney

My favorite sound is easily the little jingle of Rooney’s collar when I get home. It gets louder… and closer… and then… there’s his little face and that sweet pink nose! They say cats can lower blood pressure through petting and stroking their soft fur, that there’s a satisfying calm, like a tactile chill-pill. Rooney certainly washes away the day. He’s the first thing I look for and I love when he runs to greet me.

RooneyCats offer unconditional love and companionship. Ok yes, you gotta earn it, but when you gain that head-butt-of-love status, or feel that full-body-brush-against-you that says “you belong to me”… well, you melt into submission. You’ve attained a special relationship all your own. Rooney trusts me, depends on me, and absolutely owns me.

Speaking of special relationships, you know how some people have “work-wives” and “work-husbands”? Well I have a “work-cat”… Henry. It’s not cheating really, as Henry is actually a dog; a japanese chin with all the aloof charms of a cat. It’s a relationship I’ve had to patiently cultivate. He greets me in a way reserved for very few people, and I’m quite proud of what we share.
Henry at the office




And yes, Rooney is totally fine when I come home with ‘lipstick on my collar’ (i.e. ‘dog hair’), secure in the fact that he is my baby, my pal, my love, my cat. ~Tricia, Creative Director

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