Puppy Love Shelties

A New York City native I moved to California almost 10 years ago and currently reside in Huntington Beach with my almost 15 year old daughter. In 2008 I met Martin Senat through a neighbor that worked at the Dog Beach. Martin immediately began recruiting me and eventually I became a member of the Dog Beach team.
With sadness and gratitude I share with you that Martin passed away in July of 2010 and we continue to carry on his mission and honor his legacy. This brings me to the story of Gambler. When Gambler was just a 7 month old puppy we adopted at the Puppy Love Shelties in 29 Palms. His original owner voluntarily gave him to the shelter as a result of home foreclosure.

Of course we bring Gambler to the Dog Beach, regularly and from the first time he experienced it he has been in love ever since. This past June he turned 3 years old and his obsession with herding has been a source of entertainment and humor for countless hours. He has never met a sheep so he herds people… Whether at the dog beach or at home Gambler is a much loved member of our family and a joy to have around.
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