You’ve decided you don’t want to camp alone. Congratulations! You’re in for a real treat. We applaud you for opting outside and letting your dog tag along. The great outdoors is one of the best places to share with your furry friend. That’s why we say, Never Camp Alone.

Before you go, there are some things to remember not to do camping with your dog. We don’t like to call them rules of thumb. Let’s call them things to make camping paws-able. One of the most important is don’t plan human-only activities. Besides, camping is more fun with your fur-kid by your side!

Things Not to Do Camping with your Dog

Second but not least, camping is supposed to be fun for you and your dog. As dog lovers, we know that your dog loves to be your side. There’s a reason we call them (hu)man’s best friend. After all, they’ve earned it. Your furry friend is there for you through thick and thin. They’re a part of the family!

If you’re like us, you share everything with your dog – your home, your bedroom, your bed. Why not your outdoor adventures? Trust us; they want to join in on the fun. Just, remember, you aren’t at home. If at all possible, your activities should be pet-friendly, so plan accordingly. Leave no dog behind! That’s one of the most important things not to do camping with your dog.

Don’t Plan Human-Only Activities

Camping with your dog is a commitment. As you plan your adventure, seek out dog-friendly activities. Aside from ensuring your dog’s safety, you want to give them access to experience that they don’t normally get at home. Include your pup in making the most of your trip and enjoying everything your vacation has to offer.

Plan ahead so that you can invite them on the adventure. If your family chooses to go for a walk, hike or swim, welcome them into the pack. If you plan on doing something that your dog can’t join you for, consider finding a reputable doggie daycare for those outings. But, check with your campsite first, because there are many rules against leaving your pet unattended.

5 Things To Do with your Dog Camping

Nothing beats exploring the outdoors with your four-legged best friend! Before you head out into the wilderness, make sure you plan your dog-friendly itinerary. (Bonus: you’ll have more fun with your best friend there.)

  1. Take a Walk – If you plan to enjoy camping with your dog, walks have to part of the routine. Invest in a good collar, leash, and harness that can withstand the elements. Because you’re not at home, your pup doesn’t have their yard. The great outdoors requires supervised exercise.


  1. Head out for a Hike – If you’re planning a day-hike or multiple day trek, consider a doggy pack. Letting your pooch carry their necessities can lighten the load. Don’t forget to be prepared. A first aid kit is a must, and booties are not a bad idea either!


  1. Go for a Swim – If you’re venturing anywhere with water or mud, make sure to bring a towel. Getting dirty is half the fun! But, nobody wants a wet dog in their tent, car, truck or RV. Our best advice is to retire an old towel or pick up a specialty cham to wick off moisture.


  1. Hang out at Camp – If you’re at a campground, remember that not all campgrounds are created equal. The ones that allow your furry friends might require them to be on-leash in public or common areas. We recommend bringing an outdoor stake and long lead for around camp.


  1. Play Around – If you want to have even more fun, bring a few new toys. Instead of carrying toys from home, designate a frisbee, tennis ball and thrower as “outdoor toys.” You and your dog can have play without the worry of getting dirty.


Our dogs are important members of our family, and we can’t imagine leaving them behind for important family trips. If you plan dog-friendly activities, you’ll never leave your furry family member behind, and you’ll never camp alone. Trust us – you’ll be glad you did!

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