Be a part of nature? Yes. Live dangerously? No. Humans and dogs alike like to live on the wild side every once in a while. But, camping in the great outdoors doesn’t mean hanging out in the open. If you’re wondering what not to do camping with your dog, then never leave your dog outside.

“Ruffing” it is part of the fun! It’s all part of the adventure. What isn’t part of the adventure is camping without a roof over your head. And, that includes your furry family member, too. During the day and all through the night, your dog’s place is by your side.

Things Not to Do Camping with your Dog

Camping with your dog is full of dos and don’ts. This is one of the most important don’ts is – don’t leave your dog outside. Mother Nature is full of new experiences, activities, adventures, but it is also full of unusual sights, sounds, and dangers. It’s the perfect place for your furry family member if you keep them with you and keep them sheltered.

Dogs are made for camping! It’s a balance of indoor and outdoor, nature and comfort. Just remember that your pup is used to moving from the backyard into the house and into your bedroom. The same goes for camping with your dog. When introducing them to the world of camping, make sure to welcome them into from your campsite into your tent or vehicle. Leave no dog behind in the outdoors!

5 Reasons Not to Leave Your Dog Outside

We aren’t meant to brave the elements alone and your pup shouldn’t either. It’s just another reason why we encourage you to Never Camp Alone. Here a few things to consider when camping with your dog:

  1. Sharing is Caring – In this case, sharing is caring! Share your sleep space when camping with your dog. You care about their comfort and their safety both day and night when in the outdoors.


  1. Protect from the Elements – Protecting them from the elements means sheltering them from overexposure. What you can’t tolerate, your furry friend can’t tolerate either. That means sheltering them from extreme temperatures and weather. Bring them inside with you!


  1. Unusual Sights – Your pup is not used to the new sights in this new environment. The environment is foreign to them and outside their comfort zone. Just like you wouldn’t leave a kid alone inside or outside – don’t leave your fur-kid alone either!


  1. Unusual Sounds – We get it! Your pup is your best friend, and you know your best friend. Just remember that, depending on the breed and temperament, unusual sounds might trigger fight or flight. Don’t let curiosity kill the fun. Don’t leave your dog outside.


  1. Unusual Dangers – Wild critters are usually not your friend when camping with your dog. And, they tend to come out at night. The rule to live by is that if you’re tucked in for the night, then your furry friend should be too.

Enjoy the great outdoors, but don’t leave your dog outside. Easy to remember and fun to abide by. If you keep your dog by your side, you’ll never leave your furry family member behind, and you’ll never camp alone. Trust us – you’ll be glad you did!

10 Things Not To Do Camping with your Dog

Camping with your dog can be a rewarding and fun experience if you’re prepared. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top things to consider when camping with Fido.

Never Camp Alone. Use our tips to help you plan a Fido-friendly camping trip, and you’ll have memories to last lifetime. Get our Simple Camping with Dogs Guide HERE.

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