Are you and your dog ready for a vacation? Right on! We’re all dog lovers here, and we’ve all heard that dogs need a routine. And, it’s true – following a regular and reliable routine is incredibly important whether you are at home or out in the wild. If you’re looking at what not to do camping with your dog, then don’t ditch the routine.

Before you venture into the great outdoors with your pup, hit paw-se. Review your current routine and plan for your camping routine. You will help your furry friend to feel secure and have lots of fun. Your dog will thank you with tail wags and wet kisses. After all, that’s what best friends are for!

Things Not to Do Camping with your Dog

Think about it…what happens when your dog is off their routine? Your dog’s world is shaped by how they feel, and how they feel depends on how happy they are in their environment. Just like us, it’s easier for them to have a positive outlook on life and deal with new things that come their way if they have a routine.

Leave no dog behind when planning your vacation! That includes your routine. If at all possible, your itinerary should be familiar and reliable, so plan accordingly. One of the most important things not to do camping with your dog is not to ditch your routine.

Don’t Ditch the Routine

Vacation mode? Yes. Ditch the routine? No. Remember, just because you aren’t at home doesn’t mean you can’t pick up with your morning, afternoon or evening routine. Routines are adaptable with a little planning. If you do, then your fur-kid won’t miss a beat!

Consistency is key so that your pup knows what to expect from their environment, their day, and you. As we know, their behavior reflects this. Dogs without a routine, from the home to the campsite, tend to feel insecure – stressed, anxious, or depressed – which causes them to act out or takes a toll on their physical health. That’s one of the most important things not to do camping with your dog.

5 Things For your Camping Routine

Our furry friends are our best friends, and we can’t imagine leaving them behind for important family trips. Life goals include a dog by your side, and vacation goals include a routine on your itinerary. The best part is that you can do it together! That’s why we say, Never Camp Alone.

  1. Feeding Routine – Feeding your pup at the same times every day is important, whether you are at home or camping with your dog, not just for their emotional and mental wellbeing but also their metabolism. Stay consistent with the food you give them and try not to make sudden changes to the quantity or quality of their meals. Always phase in any changes gradually, especially before a trip.


  1. Walking Routine – Walking your dog at the same times every day is also important. Walks signal important transitions in the daily schedule, including what time to wake up, what time to be active, and what time to go to sleep. It’s easy to think that time outside or at the campground is enough but stick to your dog’s normal walk routine as much as you can.


  1. Bathroom Routine – Establishing a bathroom routine goes hand-in-hand with your walking routine. Obviously, take cues from your pup when they need to go the bathroom, but a routine for using the bathroom helps (again) with signaling expectations for a new environment.


  1. Training Routine – Training routines shouldn’t go out the window when you go camping with your dog. Stay consistent with how you or other family members routing handle your furry friend. Remember that it’s not a kindness to your dog to break usual behavior norms. Exceptions confuse rather than reward your pup.


  1. Adapt your Routine – If you must go off your routine, consider adapting your daily routine days before you leave for your trip. This helps your dog adjust to the changes way before you hit the road or set up camp.


Going with the flow is easy if there is a day-to-day flow to begin with. If you plan ahead for your camping routine, you’ll never leave your furry family member behind, and you’ll never camp alone. Trust us – you’ll be glad you did!

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