Dog is Good, especially on an adventure; but, before you decide to go camping with your dog, don’t assume your dog is a good camper. Yes, having your pup as an outdoor companion can be one of the most rewarding experiences. However, just because you can take your furry friend, should you? The answer is no.

Just like with any trip, success is in preparation, and then more preparation. There are many things not to do camping with your dog, but deciding if your dog is a good camper tops the list. The great outdoors is the perfect place for you and your fur-kid, as long as they are healthy and safe while you’re exploring and having fun. If you’re not sure if your dog is a good camper, then keep reading!

Things Not to Do Camping with your Dog

Think of this as step zero. If your dog isn’t a good camper, then there is plenty of fun to be had at home while enjoying time outdoors. As the saying goes – don’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole. That’s why this is the first post in our 10-part series.

Of the things not to do camping with your dog, this may be the most important. A successful trip is safe and fun. A camping trip with your pup is neither safe nor fun if your dog isn’t a good camper. Remember, not every human is a good fit for camping. Your furry friend is no different!

Don’t Assume your Dog is a Good Camper

That being said, there are plenty of things to do before a camping trip to either – 1) decide if your dog is a good camper; or 2) prepare them to be a good camper. Your dog is your best friend; only you know what they are capable of and how to prepare your furry friend for the adventure.

Disclaimer: This is not meant to discourage you from camping with your dog. No one is a bigger fan of dog-friendly camping than us! No matter what, each post in this series is an excuse to strengthen your bond and grow even closer to your pup. Enjoy the process, and you’ll enjoy the journey!

5 Things to Help Decide if your Dog is a Good Camper

Dogs make the best wilderness partners! There’s no question about it. Just make sure that you take your furry friend’s well-being into consideration when you start planning. When camping with your dog, a successful trip is equal parts safe and equal parts fun. Here are some things to help you decide if your dog is a good camper:

  1. Training – Let’s start with the basics! Your dog is a good camper if you have put in the time training for the outdoors. This includes following basic commands and routine activities – time on the trail, in the park, in the car, in the tent, and more. Take note of your pup’s comfort level with the ins and outs of camp life.


  1. Behavior – That brings us to behavior. Camping is full of unknowns. Does your pup follow your lead? Your dog is a good camper if they react calmly and positively to the outdoors. If they don’t, can you help get them back on track? It comes down to a mixture of smarts and compliance.


  1. Temperament – If nothing else, remember that – whether it is toward humans, other dogs or any wildlife – an aggressive dog has no place in the wilderness. Aggression doesn’t make for a good camper. Even if it only happened once, there is just too many things that can go wrong. Not only will camping with your dog not be fun, but it won’t be safe for human or canine.


  1. Physical – Just like us, not all dogs are built for camping, but all dogs need training for the great outdoors. Your dog is a good camper if they are able and prepared for the physical demands of your camping trip. As much as we wish it were true, our pups cannot talk to us. They won’t be able to tell you they aren’t fit for the trail. Think ahead!


  1. Breed – Not all breeds were created equal when it comes to camping with your dog. And, that’s okay! There are plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors with your pup. Take a look at your furry friend as a whole. Consider the characteristics of your dog’s breed – instincts, behavior, temperament, size, mental and physical capabilities – when you decide whether to bring them along for the adventure.


Before you decide to go camping with your dog, consider whether your loyal companion is a good fit for camp life. A Fido-friendly camping trip is one that is both safe and fun. If you make sure your dog is a good camper, you’ll never leave your furry family member behind, and you’ll never camp alone. Trust us – you’ll be glad you did!

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