The definition in a nutshell of a “velcro dog” is a Stage 5 Clinger!  A dog that follows you everywhere…bathroom, kitchen, bedroom…you know the one. If your dog follows you more closely than your own shadow and you find that sometimes you even trip over your pup, you have a Velcro dog.  

The Most Clingy

golden retriever velcro dog

Of course any dog can be a velcro dog, but here are the top breeds most likely to be right next to you AT ALL TIMES!

  • Labrador Retrievers
  • French Bulldogs
  • Papillons
  • Golden Retrievers
  • Chihuahuas
  • Shetland Sheepdogs
  • Pugs
  • Australian Shepherds
  • Vizsla
  • Maltese
  • German Shepherd

Are You The Favorite?

dog and woman

Dogs will pick their favorite based on positive interactions.  Puppies are the most impressionable as their brains develop. Before 6 months old is a dog’s key socialization period.  There’s still a chance for the dog lover to become a dog’s best friend! Spending quality time with a dog, doing activities together, training exercises and being the primary feeder (and treat-giver) are all excellent ways to get to best friend status.

Doggy Best Friend

dog best friends

Sometimes a velcro dog would highly benefit from having another playmate in the house.  As the dog mom or dog dad, you just might not be able to keep up with the amount of playing your dog needs.  If your dog enjoys the dog park, sharing toys, meeting other dog’s on walks, then maybe a dog buddy is exactly the answer.

Never Alone

never alone dog

Your friends at Dog is Good know exactly how it feels to be never alone.  When you have a dog, you will always have a best friend right by your side. Whether you are reading, camping, hiking, walking, drinking, traveling or even RV’ing, you are never alone. Check out some of our amazing Never Alone Collection:

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