The final day of the year is approaching and I can’t help but embrace the fact that dog is good!A sleeping dog   I am sitting here on my couch with Henry at my feet and BOLO on my lap. Yes, you read correctly-  my 16 pound Japanese Chin is now snoozing peacefully after being displaced by my 65 lb Labrador, a complete attention hog who has managed to position half her body on my stomach and lap.  Despite being pinned to the sofa, I am in complete bliss…there is no question that I am a serious dog lover.  These two constant companions have been my soulful teachers this year.  The lessons they have taught me have been invaluable.


Right now, most people are making New Year’s resolutions to dig deeper, make time for play, and  possibly chase new dreams. Those who are  disciplined enough to take  these resolutions and goals  from concept to reality will likely experience improved health, growth in a career or business, and realize a greater sense of fulfillment and happiness.

 Before you start to focus on what you want to change or new things you want to accomplish, take time to celebrate your successes in 2015.  Taking stock of your achievements will establish a solid foundation on which to build in the year ahead.  You can toast yourself tonight for a year well done and acknowledge that you are capable of doing anything when you truly commit to whatever vision you have for yourself in the year ahead.


In reality I know my dogs will not  reflect on the year gone past.  They don’t even reflect on what they did just 10 minutes ago, but if they did their list may look like something like this:


  • I caught a pigeon in mid-air when it flew by my head and dropped it when my “mom” freaked out (it lived)
  • I started my own Instagram Page
  • I trained the staff at Dog is Good to empty their trash cans and keep food out of my reach
  • I learneDog Beach Game On1d to body surf and spent many hours at the beach this past summer
  • I starred in a photo shoot for a catalog and was featured on the cover of a best selling book- Fur Covered Wisdom
  • I learned to drop my ball, sit, and wait for my “mom or dad” to pick it up to throw
  • I solidified my reputation as the sweetest, most loveable dog EVER
  • I discovered my mission is to deliver happiness wherever I go


  • I taught BOLO when its ok to play with me and when it is not
  • Trained the warehouse manager at Dog is Good to give me anything I beg for
  • Starred in a catalog photo shoot
  • Got my own Instagram page
  • Inspired an entire chapter in my “mom’s” book
  • Took numerous hikes, beach walks, and neighborhood strolls
  • Trained the UPS and FedEx drivers to keep dog treats in their truck
  • I discovered my mission is to provide comic relief wherever I go


Like BOLO and Henry, I took a moment to review what I had written down for my vision, aspirations, and goals for 2015.  I wanted to evaluate how I did, celebrate my wins, and determine course corrections for the next year ahead.  Looking through my journal, I was excited to  see that there were a number of things that I could check off successfully. I noted the things on my vision list that I did not get to and, rather than beat myself up over that fact, know that I can  put them into the game plan for 2016.

More than anything else, I am guided by a simple thought that sits prominently on my desk, “We only get one life…once today is over it is gone forever” This is not a dress rehearsal.    With a clear vision before me and goals written down, 2016 will continue to be “inspired by dog”.