I was returning from travel to a trade show and walked into a visual disaster.  My daughter had left the kitchen a mess and BOLO had gotten into something, leaving remnants of torn up packaging all over the living room.  I could hear little Henry, my Japanese Chin, barking like crazy when he suddenly appeared at the front door, completely covered in mud. Apparently, he was so eager to see me that he had dug his way through a rain puddle mud bath underneath the back gate.  I understand chaos. Chaos and overwhelm have knocked on my front door a number of times over the course of my 54 years on this planet. 

For the most part, chaos and crises are learning and growth opportunities for me.  However, there was a moment in time when I found myself unable to cope with stress, overwhelm, and anxiety.  A little over 6 years ago, I found myself drowning in an abyss of clinical depression. It had been creeping into my life slowly and seemed to swallow me suddenly. Those days involved hours of uncontrollable crying, a  lack of energy, an intense desire to withdraw from everything and everyone, and thoughts of how to leave this world. I felt embarrassed that someone, so seemingly together and strong could find her reflection in the mirror completely unrecognizable. 

BOLO, my yellow lab, was the saving grace. Through her I began a journey of self discovery and slowly began to rediscover a life I wanted to “retrieve” . This process was the birth of the dog-centric philosophy I live by each day.  For the most part, I kept Fur Covered Wisdom to myself. I felt shame for my attachment to control, perfectionism, life as a work- a-holic, and the fact that everything around me was not as it seemed. Maybe I did not want others to know of my personal struggle or, possibly, that I lacked the confidence to share what I learned about myself. I was unsure if my belief and awareness for how a dog can change the way you see the world could resonate and provide value for others. However,  as I have openly shared my story and leaned further into living a life inspired by Dog, I am overjoyed to see the positive impact it has been making in the lives of other dog lovers. The adoption of the FCW philosophy is not only deepening the relationship they enjoy with their dog(s), it is opening space for them to “unleash their full potential”, “chase their dreams”, “dig up true joy”, and” leave a greater mark” on the world around them. 

In a world where we are so connected to technology, we are more disconnected from each other than ever before.  Being part of the right pack is critical as we strive to live our best life, decide on what’s important, and create the habits that make it possible to fetch everything we want. 

If you are seeking clarity on life goals, desire to be intentional with how you spend your time, create better habits, acquire the discipline you need in core areas, and improve the quality of your health, relationships, and well-being …then come join our Fur Covered Wisdom FB community.