Fur-Covered-Wisdom-3DbookFor those of you keeping up with my blogs or watching the Dog is Good periscopes, you may be seeing a trend in how I view the world these days.   Many of you agree with me,  “ A Dog Can Change the Way You See the World”.  I am excited to let everyone know, that a year of effort and hard work to write my first book has now come to fruition.

Automobiles have cruise control to maintain driving speed and ensure you don’t have to think about how much or how little pressure is required on the gas pedal.  The interesting thing about cruise control is that you end up just cruising- there is no variation in the driving experience, making it possible for you just  to “tune out”.   A little over a year ago, I was shaken out of “cruise control” by the most adorable Labrador puppy.

Up until her arrival, I was driving down the road of life- on cruise control.  Each day, I went through the motions doing everything expected of a supportive wife, nurturing mom, and successful business woman.  Suddenly, this high energy puppy pulled  me off course forcing me down a new road – no cruise control allowed.

As someone who fits in more in the first 6 hours of a day, (which usually starts at 4:15am) than most fit in an entire day, it was no surprise to those around me when I decided to add “just one more thing” to my plate.  I wanted to dedicate a year of corporate giving through my company, Dog is Good, to an amazing organization- Leader Dogs for the Blind.  Because my modus operandi has always been “If it’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Overdoing”, raising funds for the organization was not enough.  I thought it would be even better if I combined fundraising efforts and personally raising and training a future Leader Dog puppy.  I figured,  “I’m already a professional dog trainer,  can juggle many things at once, and have tons of energy …how hard could this be, right?”

Gila and Bolo on the beachIn taking on this 24 hour a day commitment, I agreed to properly train and socialize a yellow lab puppy.  The goal: to raise a well mannered, behaviorally sound dog who will then go on to provide independence and a life-changing experience to someone blind or visually impaired.  And so a 7 week old pup, we named BOLO (Be On the LookOut), came into my life.  Over the course of our year together, my perfectionist approach to life was greatly challenged- leading to an overwhelming feeling of unhappiness and a pending “burn-out” that would shake me to my core.

This book is a year of self discovery through the eyes of Dog.  BOLO came into this world to be the “eyes” and provide independence for someone visually impaired.  Over the course of our year-long journey on this path, she gave me a chance to look at my world through new lenses, provided me with renewed vision, helped me rediscover my true passions and purpose, and gave me hope as I re-evaluated  how I was driving down the road of life.

I hope anyone taking time to read this book will find relatable elements that help to realize we are not alone in our fears, insecurities, and desire to live life fully and happily.

A dog truly can change how you see the world.

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