People who visit DIG headquarters are amazed and excited to see all the doggies who spend their days with us. Everyone comments on how lucky we are to bring our dogs to work. I completely agree. We are very lucky to have an environment where dogs can come to work. In fact, we insist that people bring their dogs to work. I know the dogs are equally as happy to be there.

When Jon and I get ready to head off to work we shout out, “ready for work?” . Both Henry and Sasha (now no longer with us) bolt up from their slumber, race out to the car, and then, upon arrival, trot into the office-eagerly making the morning rounds greeting everyone. It’s not just my dogs who enjoy this morning ritual. Charlie, Oliver, Petri, and Jax make their arrivals known with tails wagging and pep in their stride as they get their morning love and hugs from everyone who works at Dog is Good.

All of the DIG dogs bring comfort, joy, and forms of entertainment throughout the day. They create opportunity for all of us to bond over walks around the corporate complex or connect as we lay on the floor ooohing and ahhhing over them. Everyone plays a role in their care throughout the day. Each person looks out for them, spends time holding them, petting them, playing with them. Quite simply, our dogs create a constant environment where Dogvergnugen ( the unique joy you feel in the presence of dogs) occurs all day long. People can’t help but relax and feel happy with the pups around. At Dog is Good…Dogs truly ARE Good.



-Gila Kurtz