As dog owners, we know how important it is to supervise children and dogs together. As dog lovers, we also know what it means to make your dog part of the family. You buy gifts for your dog,  you include them in your family photos and you are constantly looking for ways to include them in all aspects of your life. Even so, it is crucial to understand your dog’s cues and behaviors so that your entire family is safe, especially the little ones.

Written by Robin Bennett

It’s sound advice given frequently:  Supervise your dogs and kids while they are together. Breeders warn parents, “Don’t leave the dog alone with children, no matter how friendly the breed.” Veterinarians advise, “Never leave a dog and a child in the same room together.” Dog trainers explain, “All dogs can bite so supervise your dog when you have children over.”  Everyone knows the drill.  So why doesn’t it work?  Why are there an estimated 800,000 Americans seeking medical attention for dog bites each year, with over half of these injuries to children ages 5-9?

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