Since opening in December 2011, Fetch and Friskers Barkery and Bow-tique has been providing pet owners with unique specialty dog treats that are natural, healthy and delicious. Owner Michele Jaime’s concern over the lack of healthy dog treats in the market led her to open this now-thriving business. Located in San Antonio, Texas, all the treats are made in-house from natural, preservative-free, human-grade food. Fetch and Friskers makes custom birthday cakes, seasonal, and special event cookies. Past creations include “Go Spurs” basketball cookies, Superbowl, beach, and Christmas-themed treats. They love coming up with new, non-traditional treats, and they pride themselves on offering pet products not found in the big box stores.

Fetch and Friskers stays very active in the local community events and charities. They have sponsored events to raise funds for the Food Bank and local PTA’s and, in addition to giving 5% of their sales back to rescue groups, they found “fur-ever” homes for 143 rescue dogs and cats so far this year.

In response to changing consumer trends Fetch and Friskers has brought in more holistic, organic, and natural treats and chews, expanded their toy section, and also created a place for human products. Customers are receptive to these new products and want even more.

Michele first fell in love with Dog is Good after meeting Jon and Gila at a trade show where they shared the start up story behind Dog is Good. Turning the reference “God is Great…God is Good” around to “Dog is Great..Dog is Good” and later shortening it to Dog is Good aligned perfectly with Michele’s and Fetch and Friskers’ values. She knew Dog is Good would have to be their main “human” category supplier.

Fetch and Friskers’ employees note that Dog is Good’s quality products and various sentiments truly make their customers feel good and allow them to express their love of pets. The entire team, including Michele, are welcome to wear any DIG Shirt to work instead of their F&F shirt, and many of them do!

Outstanding customer service, teamwork, and unique, high quality products are Michele’s key success factors, and her success has led to opening a new, second location in Boerne, Texas. We applaud Fetch and Friskers for their creativity in providing delicious and healthy dog treats and marketing unique pet products and human gifts. We wish them the best of luck with the new location. Be sure to check them out next time you’re in Texas!