Dogs bring us so much happiness.  Wouldn’t two dogs bring double the joy? Should you get a second dog? Your sweet pup loves you so, is loyal, and gives unlimited unconditional love.  Should you get them a best friend?  Would a new dog be your dog’s best pal or a pain in the “you know where?”  Important questions to ask yourself and your family.  Would two dogs be better than one or are you just creating double trouble?

Puppy and adult dog

Best Second Dog Breeds?

Did you know that there are certain breeds that are more likely to get along with other dogs? Playing nice nice with your existing dog is understandably key to adding to your dog family.  Here are some top breeds of “easy-going” best second dog breeds: Basset Hound, Goldendoodle, English Foxhound, Cocker Spaniel, Maltipoo, St. Bernard, Great Dane, Vizsla, Whippet, Pug, Golden Retriever, Collie, Poodle and Labrador Retriever.

Puppy and adult dog

Second Dog Male or Female?

Of course there are exceptions, but most experts agree that adopting a second dog of the opposite sex is a better choice for your fur family.  Opposites tend to work best, as dominance sometimes is a factor when introducing a new dog.  In a two dog household, there is almost always an alpha dog. A male and female dog can live in harmony because they don’t have to compete over a position at the top of the pack. If you are considering adopting a second male dog, neutering the new dog will increase the chance that the two dogs will get along well.

Puppy and adult dog

Puppy or Adult Dog?

Some dog owners have high hopes that adopting a puppy as their second dog will infuse new life and energy into their older dog.  And in certain circumstances, that does that happen!  However if your older dog is sick or unhealthy, adding a puppy to the mix may not be the best choice.  An older dog will most certainly “school” a younger puppy in the way or correcting behavior and giving growls and barks to control their puppy antics.

tiny puppy

Does Size Matter?

How does your current dog interact with other dogs?  Are they flying ninjas ready to pounce?  Or are they more submissive, liking to lie on their back and beg for belly rubs? Small dogs can be intimidated by large dogs.  Think Godzilla and the people running in fear!  Most importantly is to match the two dogs energy style and play habits. Most dogs are attracted to each other’s energy and play style.  Make sure if your current dog is a coach potato, that your second dog isn’t a crazed hyper dog running circles in your home.

Adult dog and puppy

Introducing a New Dog?

You have decided to take the next step and become a two dog household!  Once you have found your new fur kid, make sure you introduce your pets in a neutral place.  Dog parks,  kennels and your house are not neutral grounds.  Best to even incorporate a walk together as your first introduction.  If the dogs seem compatible then you can move to a backyard or inside a home.  Always a good idea to keep the new dog leashed, so play is structured and supervised.  Lastly, best friends are sometimes a work in progress.  Don’t put expectations on your first dog to immediately accept and fall in love with their new brother or sister. Manage your expectations and give both dogs time and love and hopefully it will be a perfect match…eventually.  Being a Dog Dad or Dog Mom will be one of the best experiences of your life!