Whether you are a full-time RV’er or just a weekend warrior, experiencing RV life with your dog is always an adventure. We have compiled some adventure tips on how to begin this epic RV journey with your dog!

It’s All In The Details

dog in rv

So, you’re ready to buy an RV?  Well, there are some dog-friendly things to consider when you are doing your purchase.

  • Room for the dog bed…unless you want a permanent drooler and snorer on your pillow, choose an RV with extra floor space for their own cal king dog bed.
  • Stairs…love ’em or hate ’em.  Some dogs are nervous around the small entrances to an RV.  Choose a rig with a wide enough door for both of you to enter and exit at the same time.  Less steps the better, especially if your dog is an old dog.
  • Carpet or tile? This one is a no brainer.  Yes, the carpet would be nice between your toes, but do you really want to be steam cleaning doggy “accidents” on a regular basis? Cleaning up after your pooch is a much simpler process if it’s a hard surface. Trust us.
  • Is it hot in here?  A dedicated A/C and an overhead fan to keep the pup cool when you are parked at the campground.
  • We see you squirrel and we are coming for ya!  Some RV’s boast stunning floor to ceiling windows. While you and your dog may appreciate the view, these are a hard pass.  Just imagine when Bambi and Thumper come bouncing by the window.  Window repairs on your RV are no fun when you are supposed to be vacationing.

The First Test Drive

dog in rv

Even if your dog is the most car savvy seasoned traveler, RV’ing is a different experience.  They may be used to hanging their heads out the window, but being in a moving house is unique.  While the RV is parked, have your dog spend time in it to get used to the new home-on-wheels.  Schedule a test drive just around the neighborhood to see how your dog will react.  The noises in an RV are different from a car, so make sure they have time to adjust to their new surroundings.  A long walk or ball play BEFORE the first ride is recommended.  A tired dog is always a more relaxed dog.

Home Alone

dog and cat in rv

Never leave your pets in the RV until they have experienced RV living and are quite comfortable in their home away from home.  Start with just short periods of time leaving them in the RV.  30 minutes max and then work up to longer stints of time. Once again, make sure your pup is good and tired and ready for a big nap before you leave them alone.


dog in rv

Essential gear for your pup while on the road:

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