On the road again! It feels like I just unpacked from all the travel done in January, but now it is time to load up the suitcase again for a journey back to Orlando. We do a lot of tradeshows to introduce the Dog is Good brand to new businesses and continue to build on relationships with existing businesses. Last year, BOLO joined us on several of these trips. Unfortunately, because this east coast adventure involves travel from LA to

Orlando to NY and back, I am unable to take her with us. This puts me in the situation of finding the right care for both Henry and BOLO while we are gone. Fortunately, there are a number of options. It is just a matter of selecting the one that will be the right fit for the dogs and provide peace of mind for us.

Jax and Henri

Henry is a piece of cake. He is one of the easiest dogs on the planet- well trained, gets along with other dogs, is low maintenance, completely goes with the flow and adapts well to any environment. Because so many people LOVE him, I have a number of choices for where he can stay. His favorite place is the home of his “best friend”- Jax Chait. Luckily for me, Jax’s mom happens to be my best friend too.

BOLO is a different story. A loveable lab, adored by everyone, BOLO is a lot more work than Henry. Is she well trained? Yes. Is she calm and chill? NOPE! Like most adolescent labradors, BOLO never seems to slow down. The happiest dog I have ever known, once she opens her eyes in the morning, she never stops until night fall. She is a “good girl” but can leave even the most experienced guardian exhausted.

When traveling, the options that I usually review include leaving both dogs at home while having someone check on them throughout the day or having them stay at a friends home so that they are around familiar faces. If this is not an option I then look into taking them to a boarding facility or taking them to a professional pet sitter that will care for them in their own home.

As a frequent traveler, I know it can be difficult to find a friend who is willing to take on the responsibility of having another pet in the home. So here are a few of my favorite pet vacation spots to give your dog a great get- away experience:


DogVacay is an easy to use online site that links you to pet sitters in your area that are all ready to watch your dog like a member of their own family. This gives your dog the opportunity to receive one-on-one attention, interact with other dogs, and remain in a home environment while you are away. You can take virtual tours of the home all while you schedule, book and pay online. Knowing that your dog is being taken care of in a safe and loving environment will allow you to enjoy your vacation. Plus, DogVacay sitters send daily photos of your dog to show you how much your pet is enjoying their vacation too!

Furlocity serves as a tool to link you to pet resorts, pet friendly hotels, and veterinarians in your local area. Here you can search, compare and book a getaway for your pet all while multitasking at the office. Furlocity only works with pet care establishments that meet the standard of exceptional pet care. A screening process is done to make sure that each place is clean, safe, licensed, insured and certified with a trained staff. What could be better than knowing your pet will be out of harms way while you embark on your next adventure!

Dogtopia is the ultimate getaway for your pup! Set on a specific schedule, your dog will be given structure while also provided with meals, a place to sleep and plenty of play time throughout the day. Dogs are given one on one attention while also given the opportunity to interact and play with other dogs throughout the day. Prior to their stay, all dogs are evaluated by staff to ensure that your dog will be healthy and comfortable on their vacation at Dogtopia. This will leave you feeling at ease knowing that while you’re away, you’re dog will be on it’s own vacation!

Camp Bow Wow
Bow Wow Pet Resort offers doggie daycare and overnight boarding. Bow Wow includes overnight suites for your pets, and has indoor and outdoor playing areas of your dod to enjoy during the day while supervised by a staff member. As pet owners, you are welcome to bring beds, toys and treats for your pet to enjoy in their time at the resort to make them more comfortable. At Bow Wow, pets are loved and cared for and that’s what makes it so great. You can travel knowing that your pet will be treated like part of the family

.Pooch Hotels                                                                                                              Lastly, Pooch Hotel is a fun and safe environment for your dog to enjoy while you’re away. Fully staffed 24 hours a day, your pet will be given one on one attention and will be visited by staff around the clock. All day play is available with no extra charge, and webcams are available just in case you need to check in. Extra benefits can also be included such as pool time, a treadmill run and even a grooming spa day. It really is a hotel stay for your dog!

All of these places have their highlights. However, only you know what is the right fit for your pet. As you are making your decision, consider the following: the type of boarding (kennel or no kennel), the amount of interaction with other animals your dog will receive, and the length of time your pet will be staying there. Set up a tour with each place so that you can see the environment first hand and meet the staff that will be taking care of your pets while you are gone. Also, it is essential to ensure that your dog is up to date on all of their vaccinations and that they are wearing their PetHub ID tag in case they get lost or go missing.

As a Dog mom I know that traveling without your pets can be difficult and sometimes stressful. However, nothing is better than knowing that while you are away, your pets are in good hands. And, like I always say, wherever I stay, I already know that the best part of my travels are my first two minutes home.