As the leaves begin to change into their glorious hues of reds, yellows and oranges, it’s time to get outside with your dog.  If you’re like us and you live in California, you’ve probably been subject to inflated temperatures and unhealthy air quality.  If you’ve been on the east coast, you’ve faced crazy hurricane weather.  Hopefully, now that the dog days of summer are becoming a memory, you can hit the trail with your furry friend.  Here are some helpful tips and treats to make your journey fun for both of you!

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First, before you even think about blazing a trail with Fido, let’s check Fido’s health history. Got an overweight pooch who needs to lose the love handles? Then you might want to think twice before exploring the Appalachian Trail! Easy does it and slow ‘n steady is how you need to get your dog in shape for a big day outdoors.

Don’t overdo it! Monitor your dog’s breathing and make sure that they are hydrating along the trail. Pack along your dog water bottle to help keep them cool. Remember that dogs pant and sweat through their paw pads. Always make time for breaks in shady spots.

If you are on a particularly “ruff” trail, investing in some dog booties to protect their pads is also a great tip. Do many “test runs” of wearing booties at home, so your pup is used to them.  Sometimes dogs don’t immediate love the high fashion of booties.


No naked dogs!  That’s right. Your dog should always have a collar with up-to-date identification. Don’t forget to make sure your micro-chip info is also accurate.

Leash ’em up.  I know it’s tempting to go off-leash when you don’t see anyone for miles around. However, keeping Fido safe is important. A long, sturdy leash will allow them to roam or charge ahead, but still keep them protected.

Your local vet, Dr. Fix Me Up, probably won’t be trailblazing next to you. So, in case of emergency, bring along a first aid kit for your pooch.

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Packing food and treats for your pup will help keep their energy up and allow them to match your pace. With that being said, you must be a responsible hiker. You clean it up doggy waste in your backyard, so definitely do that while you’re on the trail. It’s just bad form to leave it in the wild. Humans and canines should respect the same Leave No Trace principle.


A dog backpack is a great tool to help the pet PAWrent carry all the stuff! Most dogs adjust quickly to wearing them, but definitely try them out before you start your trek.

Now that Fido is fashionably outfitted, don’t forget about yourself. We have the perfect gear for you to Never Hike Alone!