Product Description

I Cannot Live without Coffee & My Dog! Your two favorite things right? Mornings should be as simple as your dog’s life. No emails to attend to, no kids to rush around, and no worries. Enjoy the start to your day with Dog and the delicious taste of a fresh cup of coffee.  


  • 12 oz Ground Coffee

  • Columbian Supremo Medium Roast

  • Small Batch Roasted in the USA 

  • 100% Arabica

  • Tasting Notes: Red Fruit, Smooth Chocolate, Cinnamon

  • Blend from Antioquia and Narino Regions, Rainforest Alliance Certified

  • Fresh-Sealed – vented Pouch ensures freshness 

We’ve partnered with the Waggle Foundation so your coffee habit will help support veterinary care for dogs in need.