Product Description

Written by Dog is Good co-founder/co-owner Gila Kurtz, this book quickly became an Amazon best-seller in 2 categories. 

Dogs are amazing teachers and when the “student is ready to learn”, life changing things can happen. Gila’s story is one of a perfectionist and workaholic who turned her love of dogs into a 7 figure a year business only to wake up one day stressed, exhausted, unfulfilled, and unhappy. Ready to reclaim her happiness and design a “life worth barking about”, Gila realized the answers she sought had been in front of her all along. 
Part-memoir, part personal growth, 

Gila vulnerably shares stories that embrace anecdotal lessons taught by the four dogs who have shared her life over the past 18 years. Gila opens up about the process she has taken in order to chase her dreams, focus on renewed passions, make time for play, create an impactful legacy, and unleash a simpler, happier life…inspired by Dog.