Product Description

This set of 5 dog taining online courses entitles you to over 150 videos to train you how to work with your dog to make them a better pet and to make you a better pet parent!How to use:  The back of each card has a unique code. Use the codes to log into your online training account. Train from your computer or mobile device.

Training topices include:

  • Rescue Dog 101- How to welcome a rescue dog into your family (33 videos)
  • Welcome Home – Training for all new pet parents (30 videos)
  • Sit, Stay, Down – Basic training, safety and bite prevention (30 videos)
  • Come, Go, Walk – Master the basic and necessary commands (40 videos)
  • No More Barking – Addresses visual and audible stimulation plus separation anxiety (40 videos)

This program was designed by pro trainer, Jenn Merritt, CPDT-KA.