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BOLO Discovers His Magic Power

Written by Dog is Good co-founder/co-owner Gila Kurtz, and based on the true story of BOLO, a would-be guide dog who discovers a different kind of purpose, this book offers children a heartwarming tale of resilience, determination, and the transformative power of joy. BOLO’s journey is a fitting tribute to the real-life BOLO who continues to inspire people seeking to fetch a life worth barking about.

Despite BOLO’s initial disappointment when he learns he’s not going to be a traditional guide dog, his determination leads him to discover his true magic power—the ability to deliver happiness and to change the way people see the world. With vibrant and delightful illustrations and a captivating narrative, this book will inspire children to find their own magic power, and transform the world around them with joy, kindness, and understanding. 

By purchasing this book, you are not just buying a heartwarming read; you are contributing to a worthy cause. Proceeds from the book sales will be generously donated to the Dog is Good for Good Foundation, and dedicated to supporting children’s literacy programs.

Why You’ll Love this Book:

  • Heartwarming Narrative: An engaging and beautifully told story that resonates with themes of purpose, happiness, and making a positive impact.
  • Educational: Beyond a compelling story, the book also fosters literacy and encourages children to embrace and appreciate their unique qualities. Best for ages 3- 9 (and dog lovers of all ages!)
  • A Treasure for Dog Lovers: Perfect for every dog-loving family, this tale encapsulates the extraordinary bond between humans and their furry friends.

Experience the magic of BOLO’s journey, and be a part of something bigger—spreading joy, inspiration, and supporting children’s literacy. Grab your copy now, share your own magic power, and make a difference!!

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In stock

Book: Bolo Discovers His Magic Power