Summertime…where the livings easy.  Summertime is also a time that can be stressful, as many dog families choose June, July and August to make big moves.  Whether you are moving down the block, across town or to a new state, your dog will be affected.  When packing up your precious cargo, be aware that your dog will need some special attention during this time.

Moving Is So Much Fun

dog with moving boxes

Moving is so much fun, said nobody ever! Moves can be very traumatic for dog lovers and their furry friends. While your dog may be extremely smart, try explaining to them that moving is just temporary and soon everything will be “normal.”  It’s up to the pet parent to make their dog feel as comfortable as possible.  Bring all the moving boxes, bubble wrap and tape into your home a few days before you start to pack up.  Let your dog sniff around and get familiar with the new scents.  Do the same with a dog carrier.  If you need to transport your dog in a crate or carrier, make sure they are comfortable days (even weeks) before moving day.

It’s All In The Details

dog with moving boxes

Before you actually move, get all your dog’s paperwork in order.  Dog moms and dads will want all their veterinarian health records as well as microchip and dog license information readily at hand.  A really good idea is to have your dog wearing their new I.D. tag with contact information before the big move.  That way, in the event that something happens on moving day, your dog will have up-to-date info to be traced back to you.  In addition, a few days before the actual move date, start cutting back on your dog’s food. Reduce food servings by one-third, so he won’t have a full tummy when he’s rocking on a plane or bouncing in a car.

Chaos Abounds

dogs in moving truck

If you remember the last time you moved, you will realize that calm and serene feelings were most likely absent that day.  As a dog lover, your pet deserves the very best to avoid that same stress.  If possible, arrange a dog playdate with a trusted friend or relative who can keep your dog out of harm’s way during the move.   Asking a friend to care for your dog at their home vs. having your friend lift Aunt Esther’s china cabinet will be a welcome choice for most! If that’s not possible, place the dog in a pet crate or quiet room where movers won’t go.  Exercise your dog early in the day before the moving chaos begins.  There are also many pet products that will help relieve their stress and anxiety and give them that zen feeling.  Check with your vet on the best options for your dog.

Hit The Open Road

dog in car

If your canine is well versed in car rides, this should be pretty easy.  Crack the window, let them do all the smelling and sniffing they want.  However, if car rides are not your dog’s cup of tea, a crate with a blanket covering it, might be just the things to keep them calm.  Make sure you crank the a/c and check on them often.  Lots of potty breaks  and stretching the legs will be essential for you and them.  You and your dog are co-dependent, so if you are feeling stressed, your dog will be too. Play some calming music on the car ride for both of you. And don’t forget their dog water bottle to keep them hydrated!

Home Sweet Home

dog eating a treat

You have arrived!  Let all the fun unpacking begin!  Before you do that, let your dog take a tour of his new digs. Dogs are curious animals, and most will dart out and madly sniff around their new home.  Make sure the gates and doors are latched, so you can prevent a great escape.  When the movers arrive, best to confine your dog to one room to keep them safe and away from the foot traffic.  Now is the time to get a babysitter, in the form of a frozen Kong, dog treats or their favorite chew toy.

New Adventures With Dog

It’s all NEW and EXCITING for all of you.  But now is not the time to change up your dog’s routine.  No new dog bowls, no new dog beds, no new food.  It’s best to stay with things that are familiar to your pup. If possible, set up your furniture in a similar pattern, so your dog is familiar with their favorite spot on the couch.  Do the same feeding schedule and walking schedule to establish a routine.  Now is the time to give Fido some extra attention and reassure them that home is wherever you are together.