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I get to meet a lot of people each year who do a lot of good for animal welfare. These individuals, organizations, and the programs they create are inspiring and move people to action to help animals. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending one such program.

“One Picture Saves a Life”, is a unique education and volunteer program that combines the efforts of “Underwater Dogs” photographer Seth Casteel, and The Animal Rescue Site, the Petfinder Foundation, and John Paul Pet Products. Through workshops, conducted by Seth and John Paul Pet groomers, “One Picture Saves a Life” provides shelter staff and volunteers with resources to successfully groom and photograph shelter pets, giving them the second chance they deserve. Best part, staff receives a free camera to kick start their efforts.

Every year 8 million pets enter shelter and rescue programs. Photos, taken of these pets at the time they are surrendered, are shared with the public in hopes of getting them adopted. Despite best efforts, the photos often do not showcase the animals in their “best light”. First impressions are everything and the pictures presented can either promote or delay adoption for the animal.

The Las Vegas program took place at The Animal Foundation. Despite the heat, shelter employees and volunteers turned out to learn how they could improve the appearance of the animals available for adoption and improve the quality of the photography presented to the public. The day began with a demonstration of John Paul Pet’s waterless shampoo and de-tangler. With a calm demeanor and loving touch, the groomer transformed a scruffy little pup into a beautiful and even more adorable dog.

Later that day, I was excited to see over 100 local volunteers show up to watch (a very entertaining) Seth Casteel conduct a basic workshop on photography. Seth generously donates his time taking pictures of dogs and cats available for adoption at various shelters across the country. He has partnered with the Greater Good Network, Petfinder foundation, and John Paul Pets to duplicate his efforts and increase the number of animals adopted out of shelters each year.
I was blown away by the before and after pictures Seth shared. His photos truly showcased the animals as perfect family pets and all were quickly adopted.

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The people involved with all these organizations operate from a steadfast commitment to improving animal welfare. The positive energy and enthusiasm they exude is absolutely contagious. It was such an honor to meet them all in person and be a small part of this event.

On July 13, the team behind One Picture Saves a Life will be at the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter in Los Angeles. I am happy to say that staff from Dog is Good will also attend. The Dog is Good T-shirt, “A Promise to My Dog” was designed to specifically support this cause. The shirts will be for sale at the event and are always available online.












We encourage everyone to Make a Promise…and Make a Difference.

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