Two days until Troy + Emmie embark on their amazing 16 month journey! Continuing with our Military Dogvergnügen theme, we wanted to share another story that will melt your heart.

The deployed men and women of the U.S. Armed forces are forced to leave behind family members and loved ones for extended periods of time.  Many of them develop lifelong relationships with their fellow troops, the civilians in the local villages and not surprisingly the stray animals that come around looking for a little love and a lot of food.

Operation Baghdad Pups was established in 2007 by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty for Animals (SPCA) International when they received a compelling letter from Army Sergeant Edward Watson.

Although military regulations prohibit troops from befriending local animals, the members of Sgt. Watson’s regiment couldn’t turn a blind eye when they found Charlie, a starving sick puppy destined for death if they didn’t step in. They snuck Charlie back to their military base and each took turns caring for him. They quickly became enamored with the little puppy and couldn’t imagine leaving him behind  knowing that his chances for survival would be little to none. That’s when Sgt. Watson decided to write his plea to the SPCA.

“We all made him a promise that we would not give up on him. For that reason, we have to find a way to get Charlie to a better life in the states,” Sergeant Watson wrote. “We just can’t leave our buddy behind.”

Over two years have past since Charlie arrived in the States; it took six months and a lot of hard work – but definitely worth it to know that Charlie is enjoying life as every dog should.

Since 2007, Operation Baghdad Pups has helped rescue over 100 dogs and cats from the Middle East, reuniting them with the U.S. service men and women who loved and cared for them while deployed.

For more information about Charlie or Operation Baghdad pups visit the SPCAI’s website at

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Photo by Beth Andrews,

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