We know the drill for New Years Eve.  We make resolutions that we vow to keep.  For many, come mid-January those resolutions weren’t tackled.  How about making some resolutions for you and your dog that you can keep together?

Move It

woman and dog walking

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 56% of pets are overweight.  If your New Years resolution as a dog mom or dog dad is to also shed some pounds, then you stars are aligned with your fur kid!  In addition, exercising is always more fun with a friend. Exercise is proven to release endorphins that make us and Fido feel energetic and perky.  So grab a leash, strap on the sneakers and get going. Don’t forget the dog water bottle!

Body Fuel

dog eating blueberry

What you feed yourself and your dog plays a big role in being healthier.  If eating better is your New Years resolution, then make smart choices for both of you. As a human, you have endless options for balanced nutritious meals.  Your dog should have a healthy diet too.  Make sure you choose healthy “good dog” treats. Plus, if you are making food for yourself, you can share these healthy human foods with your pup, too.

What’s Up Doc

dog at vet

If you’ve been putting off your yearly doctor’s visit for yourself, start by making an appointment for your pup. Routine veterinary care is necessary for your dog’s overall health.  Your vet can spot conditions early, as well as give good advice on pet health.  Once dog has had a full check-up, it’s your turn to be poked and prodded! Fair is fair so make your yearly check up happen.

Make Time For Play

dog playing

We should learn this lesson from Dog.  Always make time for play.  Many dogs enjoy socializing with other pups.  From romping and chasing and doing zoomies, dogs always know how to have a good time with each other. Play time could also include a serious cuddle session on the couch while you watch your favorite show.  When you live life with dog, it will help the human slow down and breathe in and breathe out. Research has revealed, petting a dog for just 15 minutes can lower blood pressure by 10%.

Adventure Bound

dog in car

Have you and your dog ever taken a road trip together?  Have you vacationed in a pet friendly hotel and ordered fancy room service together?  Now is the time to seize that opportunity and go somewhere with Dog.  You can start out small and meet up with other dog lovers at your favorite dog-friendly restaurants or beach.

When you think about your New Years Resolution, add your dog into your goals.  Your dog is always up for a good time with you.