When you have dogs, you walk every day…or at least you should be walking every day.  I know 90% of the country does not want to hear about the weather we have been experiencing in Southern California…so I won’t say a word about it.  Suffice it to say, the daily walks have been extra enjoyable.

walking dogs 1

Walking has so many physical and mental health benefits.  The physical benefits are a bonus on top of the peace of mind I get by walking with my dogs. Walking with the dogs is either “me time”  or “girl time”. Walking with my friends provides opportunity to catch up on life, share laughter, offer encouragement or support, and maybe even vent about things such as the fact that I never have time to clean my house or cook much anymore.  Conversation is always stimulating, refreshing, and leaves me feeling connected and re-energized- this is what women do for each other.

walking henry at beach

My walks alone with the dogs are different. They allow me personal time for reflection.  This time alone with the “pups” brings a sense of calm to my harried day.  These moments are the only moments when my mind seems to slow down.  Quietly walking in rhythm with dogs allows me to think on a different level.  Because I walk them  early in the morning and again later in the evening, I am fortunate to see glorious sunrises and spectacular sunsets just about every day.  With each sunrise I look to the day ahead and realize I have been granted another fresh start to continue on the same path or make a changes for improvement.   The sunsets I witness remind me that no matter what happened in the previous 12-15 hours, life is beautiful and I need to focus on the many things in my life I have  to be grateful for- one of which is the guarantee that I will Never Walk Alone.sunset