Labor Day is considered by many to be the “official” end of summer. You may be in that camp and are planning one last trip for 2019. Never camp alone: 3 essential items for camping with your dog — these items will make camping fun and safe for you and your fur-kids.

Camping, and glamping (glamour camping) are popular with many pet parents as a way to get away from it all. Many campgrounds and glamp grounds are pet-welcoming. This makes this activity an ideal way to spend quality time in the out-of-doors and get in touch with nature.

Spending time in a hotel or an AirBnB means you don’t have to worry about being completely prepared. If you run out of something there is a store you can pick up what you need. A camping excursion may make it a laborious effort to get in the vehicle and drive to a store. Being prepared is not only a Boy and Girl Scout motto — it needs to be the motto of everyone who takes a camping trip with his or her dog.

Never Camp Alone: 3 Essential Items For Camping With Your Dog

adventure-animal-backpack-2739505When we camp with our dogs we have a checklist of items he will need and we have a packing checklist for each human on the trip as well as shared items for each camper. Shared items may include: coffee pot, dishwashing soap and tub, soap, bug spray, etc. Having a packing list helps assure you don’t forget any essential item. Make a packing list. When you’re camping and discover you’ve forgotten something, add it to the list for next time. Your packing list for you and your dog(s) should be a document and your go-to for ease in packing.

Here are 3 items we never leave home without when we camp with our dogs.

A comfortable bed. Don’t make your dog “ruff” it when you’re camping! Bring his bed from home or get him a bed that is used only for camping trips. If he is anxious while camping, sleeping in a bed with his own scent just may calm him down. Look for a bed that can be wiped down to remove dirt and mud.

Waste bags. Yes, you will want to be a responsible pet owner and clean up your pup’s waste even when you’re in the woods! If you take your dog hiking and she uses the trail as her outdoor potty area you need to clean it up. Don’t leave her mess for an unsuspecting hiker to step in. Cleaning up after your dog is being a good steward of the earth and is also part of being a responsible pet parent.

Tick removal and pet-friendly bug sprays. Ticks are running rampant. When you’re in the woods you are in their territory and run a higher risk of being bitten. When you’re camping with your dog bring a tick removal brush/comb and be diligent about using it to check his body several times a day. Be diligent in checking yourself, too, for ticks. Tick-borne illness is nothing to mess with! Pick up pet-friendly bug sprays and even pet-friendly sunblock to protect your dog from mosquitoes, ticks and other critters. If you’re hiking or spending a lot of time in the sun, you will want to make certain your dog is protected from sunburn as well.

Are you prepared for your next camping trip with your dog?

If you’re planning to camp with your dogs this summer, or anytime, you may also want to read our previous post about how to camp with your dog. This article offers other items you will need to be aware of, and plan for before you hit the campground.

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