Over the weekend, everyone was focused on Valentines Day.  Friends were sending messages via facebook and texting sweet thoughts throughout the day.  I chuckled as I watched husbands and boyfriends scrambling for their last minute card, flowers, and gifts.

Each year I think back to how this holiday began and how it has transformed over the years. I can’t help but wonder why a holiday focused on romance and love has become so stressful to so many people. It has become a day of outrageous dates, sexy lingerie, and expensive restaurant all to show our special someone how much we love and appreciate them.

Shouldn’t we appreciate our special someone every day?

Henry_Gila_Dogvergnugen3Jon and I did make it a point to do something special and relaxing.  A massage was the perfect remedy after a long morning run together.  I prefer these things over chocolates and roses.  Later in the day, I spent time out front reading.  Both Henry and Bolo hung out with me.  Bolo repeatedly brought her ball to me to throw and Henry just sunbathed on the warm concrete. I appreciate the bond that we share. It is such an unconditional love with no expectations; I wonder why we love our dogs in a way that is so different from the way we love our spouses and our friends.

I understand that all love is different. As people, we have a love for our family, a more passionate love for our partners, a love for our children; we even feel love for certain places and memories. Love can describe our emotions for so many things outside of our romantic relationships. I know that the love I share with Bolo Henry is unlike any other. However, what I often question, is why this is the case? Why is it that the love we have for our pets is so different? And why is this particular love so stress free?

When I spend time with my dogs, there is no pressure. There is no obligation to wear something sexy or cook something extravagant. Pets don’t expect presents or chocolates. They just want to be loved, they just want to play, and they just want attention.

©Dog is Good

A dog is always happy to see you, they love and protect you, and they appreciate everything that you do. Bolo and Henry do not expect me to look a certain way or take me for granted. I am grateful though that  Jon does not expect me to look a certain way either  (although I am sure he would appreciate if I wore something sexy or actually cooked).

February 14th is a reminder that we should focus EVERYDAY on the love we have for family, friends, spouses, and most definitely our dogs. Their love is not a love to take for granted.