National Pet ID week is April 17-April 23.  No one wants to lose a pet. In the US, one in three pets will get lost.  Without an ID on, 90% of pets won’t return home. Pet ID week is a cause to bring attention to making sure your pet has proper identification.  Pet parents think this will never happen to their indoor dog. But the truth is, leashes can break, doors left open, and even tragedies like fire or natural disasters can occur.  Being prepared is essential to reuniting with your pet.

Triple Coverage

dogs with id collars

Dog lovers can rejoice because technology has advanced three-fold on maintaining your dog’s identification. It’s all fun and games until you come home and see that the side gate is open and Fido is no where to be found.  Indeed, a collar and id tag is the easiest way to finding your lost dog.  A simple name and phone number tag can be found in almost any pet store.

Dog moms and dog dads should also microchip their pet. Specifically, microchipping your pet is the best thing you do for your pet’s safety. All your information is stored on a microchip that is inserted under your pet’s skin.   Your name, number, home address, etc. is stored on a server and it can be accessed anywhere, in any veterinary clinic by just scanning the microchip.  Microchip companies do advise for the chips to be scanned periodically, once a year when you go for your yearly check-up at the vet, to make sure they are functioning properly.  If you move, always remember to update your contact information with the microchip company.

Even more helpful to identify where your pet is located, is a GPS tracker.  These “smart” dog collars can pinpoint with great accuracy the location of your big mutt. It is the fastest, most accurate way to be notified when your dog escapes and to find your dog after an escape.  Here are the top rated GPS trackers sold!

Travel Time

travel dog

We already know that you are dog co-dependent.  Where you go, your dog goes too.  But before you hit the open road, be mindful to take extra precautions. If your dog has a pet carrier or crate, make sure you put an address label and phone number on it.  Cover it with clear tape to make it waterproof.  If you have a soft carrier, attach a luggage tag with all your identification.

Search Party

dog with collar and id

In the unfortunate event that your dog is lost, start looking for them immediately.  Don’t assume they will find their way home on their own.  For this reason, the sooner you start looking, the more likely it is that you will find your beloved pooch.  In addition, take to social media, use neighborhood apps, go door to door, make flyers.  Contact your local animal shelter right away and alert them to your lost pet.

Above all, pets are our family and we want them safe.  We live life with dog. Take the National Pet ID week to make sure you have done everything to ensure your pet will always come home.