National Fetch Day is October 15, 2022.  This is your best chance to get outside and play a good game of fetch with your dog.  If you are a dog mom or dog dad this is the perfect opportunity to grab their favorite flying orb and get some old-fashioned play time logged.

History Lesson

dog fetch

Fetch has been the preferred game for dogs for as long as anyone can remember. Scientists indicate that the first dogs were domesticated by humans somewhere between 18,000 and 32,000 years ago. Then their wolf ancestors changed their role by progressing from hunting competitors to hunting companions.

When dogs became our partners, one of their roles was to retrieve the food.  We’ve all seen the Labrador retriever in action retrieving ducks, balls and even your favorite slippers.

Why Fetch?

dog fetch

Well as it turns out that playing fetch turns on a dog’s “feel good emotions.”  Dogs get that same feeling that some runners experience:  the “runners high” that triggers all the good stuff in the brain.  As a dog lover, let’s not forget the bonding moment between you and your co-dependent dog.  Dogs love fetch. They play the game with their favorite person.  What’s not to love?  Side note, fetch is excellent exercise for your pup as well as you (especially if your dog likes to play “come and get me!”)

Next Level Fetch

dog fetch

The folks at ChuckIt upped the game in 1998 when they released the Chuckit Launcher. Mark Oblack and Mariel Head invented Chuckit, a plastic device that allows pet owners to toss a tennis ball and then pick up the ball after Fido has retrieved it.  If you’ve ever used one, you know how the Chuckit Launcher levels up the game of fetch.  Bonus is you can throw the ball 3x farther and never have to touch the dog slobber!  Win win.

Let’s Celebrate

dog fetch

On October 25th, National Fetch Day you can find dog parties happening all across the United States.  Want to find out where and when to celebrate with your dog?  Check out these PUB PARTIES that are happening and don’t forget to bring along Fido, he’s invited!