Did you know there’s a National Napping Day?  Indeed there is!  Now the very thing that your dog does all day is celebrated with it’s own unique day.  We encourage dog lovers everywhere to participate and celebrate with your four-legged friend on March 15, 2021 and catch some extra zzzz’s.

How Much Is Too Much?

dog sleeping on the couch

Dogs usually sleep 9-14 hours a day. This is a combination of naps throughout the day in addition to sleeping at night. However, the amount of time spent sleeping varies among ages, breeds, activity levels, health, and even sleeping locations. Puppies can sleep between 18 and 20 hours a day.  Dog lovers everywhere have experienced this phenomenon of their pups sleeping anywhere at any time!

What’s Your Position?

dog and man sleeping on a couch

Is your pup most comfortable in the cinnamon bun, on his side, sprawled out on his stomach or up the ultimate paws up in the air? And even before they plop down, many dogs to circle their sleeping area or even dig a bit before lying down for sleep. This is behavior that comes from dogs’ wolf ancestors who would often trample down grass, leaves, or snow to get comfortable. They might also dig a hole that would help keep them warm in winter or cool in summer.

Cover Up

dog sleeping in the bed

Just like humans, many dogs like to snuggle under the covers for maximum comfort. Burrowing into blankets is a natural instinct, similar to that of moles and groundhogs. However, instead of staying in their dens all year round like moles and groundhogs, dogs don’t usually spend more than a couple of hours buried underneath the covers. Also, sleeping under the covers can help certain fearful dogs or dogs with anxiety to feel safer and more calm.  Plus, there’s the added benefit of a built-in foot warmer!

Gang’s All Here

dog and baby sleeping

Kids, dogs, partners and maybe even the cat, too.  How do pet lovers and parents get a good night’s sleep? 56% of dog owners say they sleep side by side with their pooch. A study of adults found that people sleep just fine with a dog in the bedroom, but less so when the dog is actually in the bed. A good solution may be to keep a dog bed beside your own. Other research found that when compared with cats and other people, dogs in bed were perceived to be less disruptive to sleep.  So, it might be time to put the kiddos in their own room and let the cat hang out on the couch!

Mental Boost

dog and man

Dogs help relieve stress and anxiety. They foster social and emotional connections, which can affect mood and overall mental health. A recent study showed that human-animal interactions may benefit stress-related factors, such as heart rate and blood pressure. So not only is your dog your best friend, they are your health and wellness coach, too!

8 Hours

sleeping dog

While you may not get a solid 8 hours in bed with your dog, we do highly encourage dog lovers to take a nap, siesta or quick shut-eye. Staying close to your fur kids can be a great source of comfort, even if it’s a “cat nap.” And let’s be realistic, where else can you find a better source of unconditional love, than from your dog? Snuggling with them at night is always a great comfort source.

To PJ Or Not To PJ?

human and dog in bed

We suspect your dog probably sleeps naked.  But what about you, the dog owner?  Need a sleepshirt, a tank top and pj bottoms?  Dog Is Good has you covered!  Check out our PAWsome collection of sleepwear!