With Mother’s Day less then two weeks away we decided to focus on some fun and sweet mom-related dogvergnügen moments.

The fact that dogs get so attached to their “person” should be an indication that these wonderful creatures are capable of loving anything and anyone unconditionally. I’ve seen a lot of stories about dogs mothering orphans of other species but it always seems to amaze me how uncritical, unjudgemental, and undiscrimanatory they are.

When researching I came across this amazing story from England about Jasmine, a greyhound that was found abandoned,hungry and abused locked inside a shed.

She was brought to a local wildlife sanctuary and given her past, you would think she would have been shut off from the world. After a few weeks of love and kindness, Jasmine came around. They were prepared to help her find her forever home but Jasmine had a different plan.

She soon became the resident surrogate mother and welcomed every scared and frightened animal that came to the sanctuary. Her actions were as to say, “I know how you feel, I was there too”.  She didn’t judge or discriminate… she just loved. She loved orphaned puppies, chicks, foxes, rabbits, cats and even a baby doe! She knew that despite what these animals had been through, they deserved a chance too.

Jasmine reminds us that no matter what someone looks like, what language they speak, what the predetermined assumptions are, we all just want the same thing – to be loved.

Happy Mother’s Day Jasmine!

To read more about Jasmine click here to be directed to the snope’s article.

To learn more about the Warwick Wildlife Sanctuary visit their website at http://www.warwickshirewildlifesanctuary.co.uk/index.htm

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