I am in Las Vegas- AGAIN. This time my travels have nothing to do with work. Jon and I are here so that our daughter could attend the PULSE dance camp, a really cool dance camp conducted by choreographers involved with the show So You Think You Can Dance. While she is dancing her heart out, I am sitting here in a Coffee Bean shop to avoid the oppressive 100+ temperatures outside. Without realizing it on a conscious level, I pull out my phone- to do what you might ask? No, I am not checking email; I am not on Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram. I am scrolling through picture after picture of…you guessed it….my dogs. Am I pathetic? I could be engaged in a lovely conversation with my husband, reading a book, or watching people (another cool thing I like to do). But nope, it just occurred to me that I am sitting here with a huge grin on my face, showing Jon video after video, picture after picture. Jon nods and smiles too, even though he has probably seen these a gazillion times already. I miss my Sasha- her sweetness and peaceful approach to daily life. I revel in the memories I hold of her and it does bring me joy. But I also miss little Henry, left behind at home. I miss him so much that I wonder if this is even normal. I think Kat, my perfect pet-sitter, realizes my obsessive need to be close to him as she regularly sends me picture and video texts of his cute antics and face.

I know that I will get my dogvergnügen in a couple days when we are reunited. Until then, I guess I will just be on my phone more than normal – pathetically scrolling through pictures over and over again.

Is there anyone out there who can empathize with me???


missing henry