Dogvergnügen (dawg’feh-gnu-gen) – The unique joy you feel in the presence of dog.

In honor of Troy’s historical Hike for our Heroes, we thought it would be great to focus on special military Dogverngügen moments during the month of April.

Many of our troops spend a large portion of their lives away from home; whether they are stationed across the world, fighting the war on terrorism in Iraq, or just offshore for a two week duty, many of our service men and women spend most of their time away defending our country.

To the family members of our troops, this is a common sacrifice – but what about to their pets? Do they understand why their “person” has been gone for so long?

In this awesome clip seen across the country, we get to experience dogvergnügen at it’s finest.

This video was filmed in 2005 when then Lt. Andrew Schmidt was reunited with his beloved pooch Gracie after a five month tour in Afghanistan. It’s pretty obvious that even if Gracie didn’t understand why Lt. Schmidt was gone for five months, she definitely missed him!

If this doesn’t bring a tear to your eye or smile to your face… Watch it again!  Ahhh… the joy of being in the presence of dog.

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