Every year on the last weekend of May, most of us celebrate Memorial Day by camping, BBQing or just enjoying the extra Monday off.

With 3 million people actively serving in the armed forces and the millions of veterans – let’s not forget what Memorial Day is truly about; commemorating and thanking all of our Servicemen and Women for what they do and honoring those who have died while in service to our country.

But there is another group of troops and veterans that many of us overlook – the War Dogs. Yes, that’s right – the War Dogs. Many people don’t realize that human’s best friend is out there fighting alongside our servicemen and women – risking and giving their lives as well.

Military Working Dogs have been used by the military since World War I. Many of the animals were donated by families in the US to aid and protect the troops during times of war. Trained as scouts, trackers, sentry, mine/booby-trap/tunnel and water detection units – these animals play a crucial part in our armed forces. It is estimated that during the Vietnam War over 10,000 troops were saved by these courageous canines. Currently there are over 600 Military Working Dogs alongside our troops in the Middle East.

Rarely recognized for their sacrifice – our War Dogs and their handlers were and still are a vital resource for our military.

Stories about the loyal companions range from preventing casualties by locating trip wires, bombs and booby-traps to rescuing injured soldiers and locating hidden enemies.

So this Memorial Day when you eat your hotdog, set up your tent or are just relaxing on your Monday off – make sure to thank our veterans, active duty service members, their families, and the military working dogs for all they do.

For more information regarding the history of American War Dogs visit www.uswardogs.com

This year, we are proud to be supporting Warrior Canine Connection- whose mission is to help wounded warriors reconnect with life, their families, their communities, and each other by using Canine Connection Therapy.  This is a mission based trauma recovery model where Warriors train service dogs for fellow Veterans.

To contribute to their cause: www.dogisgood.com/patriots