Southern California Bulldog Rescue:

Mel Kaplan, a 3 year veteran volunteer for the Southern California Bulldog Rescue shared “I foster occasionally, but spend the majority of my time at the facility where dogs are awaiting adoption not in foster homes. I go a few times a week and bathe, play and socialize the dogs, bringing them toys and treats to try to make their lives a bit easier. I also photograph all the kennel dogs, create videos of them, and post their bios online in hopes they will be adopted.”
Mel truly is a caring soul that commits time to getting each dog at the SCBR into a forever home. Currently the organization has 70 bulldogs in rescue and is in dire need of foster and adoptive homes. In the history of SCBR they have never so many bulldogs with, what appears to be no end in sight.

Lily is Mel’s dog. Mel adopted Lily 4 years ago which was the driving force behind his current involvement with the SCBR. Lily was a former puppy mill dog and had approximately 8-10 pregnancies before the age of 3. The mill owners dumped her on the street when they were done with her. When she was found she had a severe case of mange and clearly had just had a litter.

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