Last week I received something in the mail which reminded me of a very important lesson. Everyday I watch as my dogs go after what they want. I witness them take action on things without any internal debate which may cause them to halt immediately in their tracks. At the moment, this lesson is top of mind for me. Last week I received something in the mail that is now a symbol for me, representing what it means to take action, get rid of negative self-chatter, exude positive energy, and ask for what you want.

Delivered to my office and placed on my desk was the March issue of Success Magazine. I am normally quite excited when this publication arrives and quickly devour each issue from cover to cover, but today I was exceptionally elated. In this issue, on page ___ I am featured as an entrepreneur. A quote about always moving forward and not letting disappointment guide my outcome appears prominently by a photo of me and BOLO. I took the time to savor my feelings because seeing myself staring back at me from a magazine that inspires me on so many levels, represents my willingness to ask for what I want.  We are all constantly evolving. As I took time to reflect on the vision I have for my life- my deep passion for dogs, teaching, strong desire to serve others, and create a legacy inspired by Dog, I felt very proud.  I was in deep celebration of myself throughout the entire day and I must confess…I don’t often allow myself to truly embrace a “win”.  I felt proud of who I was, how I felt and looked, and what I have accomplished.  I recognized that my life was filled with supportive family, friends, and Dog is Good fans.

Why was appearing in the magazine so significant? To me, it meant that we all have the power to make every day, every experience, every relationship, every accomplishment, and every dream extraordinary.  Everyone, not only deserves an extraordinary life, they owe it to those they love and others around them to wake up each day with the intent on making it extraordinary. It really is time for us to stop holding back, hiding our gifts because we think no one may listen or care. It is time for us step through fear and just ask for what we want, removing any the regret inaction  breeds.

BOLO is the epitome of action. She seeks love, play, and food ( of course).  She goes after what she wants and she expects to get it. Taking action with the expectation of receiving makes the difference. Unfortunately, most humans don’t have this mindset nailed.  It is something we all need to work on each day. However doing the work can literally shift our life’s experiences- significantly.  As I watch BOLO each day, I do so as a student.  I try to create meaning in her behavior that will me and, hopefully others, live a more extraordinary life.  Quite honestly, I do think so much of our days are pre-determined by the way we get out of bed each morning.

Here are some thoughts to help you make YOUR day extraordinary:

  • Decide within the first 10  minutes of waking up exactly what type of energy you will bring to the day.  Write it down on paper or a file card and refer to it throughout the day to keep yourself on track
  • Predetermine your response to unexpected things that get thrown your way.  Learn how to take a breath before reacting.  Avoid explosive angry responses which will negatively affect the people around you and make it more difficult to experience the remainder of the day positively.  Set the stage for how you will react to things that come your way.  Decide what you will do to positively impact others.
  • Think about what you want and ask for it. When you feel a moment of fear or doubt, get out of your head and flip and take action with confident expectation that you will get what you want.
  • Do something special for others.  Look for ways to engage in random acts of kindness.  Bring co-workers bagels or donuts in the morning,  buy coffee for the person in line behind you, look for ways to help others during the course of the day.  This “pay it forward” approach makes the day more memorable and elevates your mood as well.
  • Find ways to break up your routine and try something new  in order to experience the day differently.  Skip the gym in lieu of a morning hike, try a new place to pick up your coffee, take a friend out to lunch and try something new on the menu, take a different route home from work,  etc….

“Each morning we are born again.  What we do today is what matters most.”  Buddha