Dog is Good Fashion TeeHello! Today I wanted to tell you all about how I personally style some of our awesome Dog is Good shirts. Some of our designs are only available in the unisex size shirts, which are basically a man’s tee.  I am a petite girl that drowns in these, even in our size small Unisex tees. I decided to be a bit creative with our t-shirts and make them a bit more “Sassy” so that girls like you and I can wear their favorite tees no matter what size, or shape they come in. I have been doing this with t-shirts for years and I’ve found a simple technique to turn  an over-sized boxy tee into a fashionable fun look.. Now I can have the tees that I really want no matter what the original style and size might be. This month with all the Pit-bull awareness and our donating to It’s the Pits rescue shelter and Orange County Bit Pull Rescue. I wanted to use the Pit-bull tee in a photo-shoot of my friend with her Pit-bull.  She is a petite girl like me and because this tee was designed with men in mind, I thought “what am I going to do to make this shirt a bit sassier?”. I’m going to show you how to make the shirt Sassy like I did in our photo-shoot.

Step One

Step 2

Step 1: Roll up the sleeves about 3 or 4 times till it feels comfortable on your arm. One way to keep this from rolling down is taking a bit of black string and sewing a little bit right at the top in the middle. (You’ll see this on a lot of shirts that are made to look like “Rolled up sleeves” at places like Target, Forever 21, Etc.)

Step 3 and 4 ImageStep 2: In the photo-shoot my model, Mandy wore high-waisted Sailor style shorts. This worked perfectly to scrunch up the bottom to right about where your waist is.

Step 3: Grab the side that you want your shirt to be bunched up at, and pull it to wrap a rubber band/hair tie around the bunched up part of the shirt.


Step 4: Tuck the tied up part of the shirt under so you no longer see it and all you’re left with is your bunched up shirt.

Finished shirt


This is the simpler option of making a Men’s tee sassier. I thought I would start out with it to show you girls a way to make our shirts work for you no matter the size/shape. It’s great for heading to the beach, wearing with high-waisted shorts/denim, or even with wearing a colorful tank or striped tank underneath.

Some great places to check out other ideas are here (link to: Here are some images of the end result and the shoot that I did with my friend Mandy. Hope this inspires some of you to get creative with your too big t-shirts and know that our Men’s/Unisex sizing can still be sassy too!!! Shop our Never Drink Alone Tees here. (link to:

P.s. In case anyone is wondering: My hand tattoo reads: D.R.E.A.M. (Dogs Rule Everything Around Me)