Calling all dog lovers, it’s National Love Your Pet Day on February 20th! Of course, every day we celebrate our pets and their unconditional love, but why not do it up special and pamper them a bit more?  Come on now, you know they deserve it!  Here are a few fun ways to show your love:


woman and smiling dog

Is your dog a supermodel?  Of course she is!  Then why not give your dog a photo shoot?  Whether you hire out a professional or just get your friend to help, taking pictures with your pooch will result in memories that last a lifetime.  Here are some tips to take the best photo of your fur kid!

Let Them Eat Cake

dog and cupcakes

You love cake, so of course your dog loves cake, too!  Spend some time in the kitchen and make them their very own PUPcakes to celebrate how much you love them! Here’s a PAWsome recipe for you to whip up!

Couch Time

dog on the couch

There’s nothing your dog likes more (well maybe the BALL) than snuggling up on the sofa with you.  Quality time with you, pillows, blankets and the tv remote makes for a great night in.  Need some inspiration on what your dog wants to watch?  Here is a list of the top dog movies of all time!

Take A Field Trip

dog at the pet store

Is Mr. Ducky looking a little worse for wear?  Have you performed surgery to reattach his quacker?  If your dog’s favorite toy is missing an arm, a leg and a beak, then maybe a trip to the pet store for a dog gift is in order.  Let your furry friend pick out their next “victim” on the toy aisle!  Here are the best plush dog gifts!

Dog Hair Don’t Care

dog in the car

If the wind in their face and their tongue lolling to the side is your dog’s favorite thing, then a car ride is a must do!  As you hit the open highway, you will need an inspirational playlist for you and Fido.  Here’s the perfect soundtrack for your road trip!

Wear It, Share It

dog is love

When you’re doing all these fun activities to profess your unconditional love to your pup, don’t forget to outfit yourself with our Dog Is Love collection!  Tell the world how much your dog means to you!  Check out the best dog lover clothing here!