How do you live life with dog?  69 million Americans wake up with a dog. Being a dog mom or dog dad is a full time, no breaks, 24 hr a day job. Dogs may be high maintenance, but the benefits of living life with dog, give your world meaning and purpose.

Staying Healthy

people exercising with dog

Not only do dogs help you stay active, they actually can improve your health.

  • According to the American Heart Association dogs can help reduce the risk of heart attache and heart disease.
  • Doctors have found that dog owners tend to have lower levels of fat.
  • Having a dog can also reduce cholesterol levels in pet parents.
  • Dogs can help lower blood pressure naturally (Dog is My Zen)
  • Dogs can help fight loneliness

Single and Ready to Mingle

man, woman and dog

Having a dog can dramatically improve your social life, too. Dogs are great at having “new best friends” almost immediately. Dogs can be highly instrumental in helping you make new friends.  Whether you are on a walk, at a dog park, taking a hike, your dog can be your social butterfly to introduce you to other dog lovers.  In fact, there are even dating apps targeted to dog owners to spark romance with fellow pet lovers.

At Your Service

service dog

Dogs with jobs can save lives and help people live more independently.  Not only are they a constant companion, dogs can help people with disabilities.  According to Assistance Dogs International, 48% of service dogs were trained for people with mobility impairment, 19% were trained for veterans with PTSD, and 23% were trained for people with autism. In addition, the other 9% of service dogs were trained for people with diabetes, seizures, psychiatric support, and medical alert services.


dog and baby

Did you know that exposing young children to dogs at a young age helps their immune systems?  As a result, having a dog grow up with your kids can help them develop immunities to allergies that arise from pet dander.

Comic Relief

smiling dog

Have you ever seen a dog have the zoomies?  We guarantee that will induce a full belly laugh as you watch them race through the house or in the backyard. Not to mention all their goofy expressions and their unpredictability will always keep you giggling. Above all, dogs can help you realize that life can be all Fun & Games!