christmas-snow-family-dec-2015-1702-editHow did a 5 pound poodle make such a ginormous impact on our lives? For nearly 13 years little Libby (aka Woo) warmed our laps in the winter and laid in the sun like a cat in the summer. When Libby came to me at the veterinary hospital where I worked I instantly fell in love. As a 2.5 pound puppy she tortured our golden retriever, chewing on her feathers and hanging on her ears. She scurried out of the way of the feet of our 5 children. Camping trips her curly black locks would turn brown with dust and collect leaves and twigs, so we called her Jungle Dog. Poodles are known for their intelligence and Libby lived up to the reputation. She learned several tricks like high 5, roll over, and even sneeze! She knew all the kids by name and would run to their room to wake them up on my request. As the years went on her fur slowly turned silver but her playful, loving spirit never faded. Her last spring with us we took her on a road trip. By then at 12 she was totally blind but enjoyed visiting family, playing with other dogs, and exploring new places. A routine vet exam, bloodwork, & ultrasound at nearly 13 years old revealed extensive liver cancer and she faded away within 4 days. Now the kids are all gone, Libby was our last pet, and the house seems so empty. But she will always keep my heart full with her memory. Love you Woo!